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  1. Does this picture help, or is it the triangular pieces backed by hardboard above the wheel arch that you are referring to? Geoff
  2. I have a rear axle with a serial number RR10819/7 (advertised in the Buy, Sell, Trade section of this forum). The original 'CT' number appears to have been ground off and replaced by the above number. This axle came off a USA import (repalced by a 4:1 ratio and overdrive box during my restoration). Has anyone else come across anything similar or shed any light on why this is so. (Reconditioned maybe?). Geoff Masterman
  3. I shall be moving from north of Inverness to Norfolk in the next few months and will be looking for transport and probably short term storage, for my (now finished) TR4. Has anyone used a company they would recommend (or avoid!)? Geoff Masterman
  4. Can anyone tell me what the correct number plate sizes are for a TR4 please? Jepsons don't seem to be sure. Are the standard 20.5 x 4.75 inches the correct size? These would seem to only just fit between my overriders! Geoff
  5. Just to bring things up to date, registration number, tax disc and plate authorisation letter arrived on the 3rd day after visiting the local DVLA office! Pretty good response; and they didn't want to see the car! After my initial response to their requirements, I must now eat humble pie and tip my hat to their efficiency. Geoff
  6. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that I may have to take the car as well! Geoff
  7. Having successfully got my TR4 through the MOT yesterday after 3 years of restoration work, I thought a trip to my local DVLA office in Inverness might be fun(!?) in order to register the car. The vehicle was imported by Robsport in 1999 and was sold soon afterwards to the owner before me. He really didn't do a great deal with the car and I bought it in 2009. I turned up at the DVLA office armed with MOT, Insurance Certificate, Form V55/5, the import document, my current driving licence and of course the required £55 fee. I was the told I needed a photograph of the car, a photograp
  8. Thanks Stuart. I too contacted Longstone and got the same answer as you (just as well!). They've been fitted but my local tyre shop hasn't been able to balance them as they don't have the right cones, caps etc. (apart from the fact they didn't realise they were different from the more modern wires). Now looking for someone in the Highlands who will balance them! Not easy. Geoff
  9. Thanks for the comments. Vredestein have come back to me and said that these tyres are designed to be used with or without tubes. Geoff
  10. Does anyone happen to have a photo of the door card with the conical springs installed, before the handles are put on? I'm having trouble deciding how much of the spring should poke through the hole from behind. Roger Williamson in his book suggests half a turn to hold them in place but i'm frightened it's going to split the trim when fitted to the door! Any advice welcomed. Geoff
  11. I have purchased some of the above tyres, mainly following the experiences of some members, but having examined them, find they are quite rough on the wall area. As I have wire wheels and will need to fit tubes (i have Michelin Airstop tubes), I notice that there are some recommendations such that tubes should only be fitted to tyres with a smooth inside. Have other users of these tyres noticed the roughness inside the tyre (this is a moulded roughness not a fault in the tyre) and have they had any problems? I don't seem to be able to get a sensible answer out of the supplier (Opon
  12. Just taken my (rusty) seat runners apart to clean, paint & lubricate and find that one seat has 2 rollers in each runner with rubber rings, presumably to facilitate seat adjustment. 1. Are these rollers/'O' rings available? (can't see them in any of the parts catalogues) 2. If not what are the alternatives. 3. Are they really necessary? I'm sure the knowledgeable will come up with an answer! Geoff
  13. Thanks for the responses guys! I got my trim from John Skinner, but don't remember there being an option for these boards. Seems like good quality 3mm hardboard will be ok. Geoff
  14. I'm currently trimming my TR4 and Roger Williamson's book refers to a 'fibreboard lining' to which the footwell side carpet is stuck before installation. This is the area to the left on the passenger side, and the right on the drivers side. I don't remember removing these at the time of stripping the car and they don't appear in any of the supplier's catalogues. Has anyone any experience of these boards and will a piece of appropriately sized hardboard do the job? Geoff
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