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  1. Hi Z320, that sounds like it could be interesting, it's not clear to me how you could undertake a safe repair in this area without welding but please could you elaborate. Kind regards, Bob
  2. Hi Tom, Apologies to the OP for appearing to highjack the thread, but what a great anecdote, a simple cheap and effective old time solution to avoid an awkward problem. Where will we be when all these guys are gone? Fabulous to hear that it actually works, but nothing quite like fitting a supercharger to tease out those little weaknesses! Clearly can only be done before any damage occurs and I suspect that, here in the UK, by now we may only have fixed cars and cars needing to be fixed. No doubt there could be some raised eyebrows come MoT time. At the opposite end of the spectr
  3. Hi Roger, thanks for that I have sent him a PM. It must be years since my last post but glad to see you still enjoy conjuring with my username
  4. As part of the restoration of my Doretti I am changing from drums to discs on the front. Aside from that I will be retaining the standard early car suspension and running gear although I have got some Alloy hubs and will be using (slightly) uprated springs and adjustable shocks. Road use only intended. I believe that I could use either the Tr3 dscs and callipers or the Tr6 versions but that the latter option is preferable as the calipers are cheaper and more readily available. (I have both types of caliper mounting plates available so that's not a consideration). I just wondered whethe
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