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  1. Thanks - I'll check both. I remember when I shipped my Morris I just engaged with the shipping lines and drove my car to Folkstone and off it went....
  2. I'm beginning to think about shipping my TR4A back to the US - exactly where I imported it from in the 1990's. I am the same owner - in the US originally, in the UK, and will continue owning it in the States. Anyone with recent experience either way? My car is probably going to be shipped to Boston. I know RoRo is cheaper but what about possible damage? Last time I shipped a car (14 years ago) I did a partial container and that arrived fine. The interesting wrinkle here is that the car was shipped as part of my "personal possessions" in the 1990's; I would bring it back under the same
  3. Bought the Iridium NGK. Gapped to .28 - I'll let you know how I get on!
  4. Good point - these plugs seem to run £6-8 each, or more
  5. I heard the iridium are good for a clean burn if you spend a lot of time in traffic, or don't drive that often. Also have been told to set the gap to .28 for a hotter burn for the same reason?
  6. I've got Champion in at the moment, but seem to have a problem with one plug. They are OK but don't burn as clean as others. Someone mentioned NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs. Honestly, they are 4x the cost of a champion. Does anyone have thoughts on these?
  7. Wow - learn something every day. That vinegar did the trick - no trace. Many thanks! While applying it I ran into another car owner who said he uses vinegar too - as drips were "part of life" in the garage. Well, first time for me - lucky I guess.
  8. Ok - going to give it a go today. Will let you know results..
  9. Ok - I'll give it a go - I've got cider vinegar - problem?
  10. 0k - had been thinking about toothpaste or light polish but I think this is a chemical thing
  11. I park in a garage with about 50 other cars, under a purpose-built mansion block - about mid-70's. The garage ceiling is plagued by drips, many of which form mini-stalactites with lumps of stalagmites on the floor - not terribly large, mind you. I have a dry spot - been there for years. Today moved the car to better light to clean it - and noticed drips on the paintwork. I moved it, wiped the drips and moved it again. Just when I was finished I noted a rather large drip which had been sitting on the bonnet for just a few minutes - but long enough. I wiped it off but no luck; I could fe
  12. I've got rubber mats that do the job but just don't look quite as nice as carpet ones. I'm sure there are some offerings..does Skinner do mats?
  13. I bought a pair that have turned out to be rubbish - sort of like cardboard (see photo). I have rubber mats but they just don't have a nice look. Anyone have a pair they like that aren't too expensive to buy new and they would recommend?
  14. Hi Tim - I've got an original LHD 4A. The only difference from original on my gauges is the that the two lower instruments of the four (temp and charging indicators) were "switched" by my garage here in London when I had the new dash installed. Otherwise, what you see is what you got in the US in 1966. Someday I'll "right" it but can't be fussed at the moment - I can see everything fine. Ron
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