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  1. Yep, I will be going, that’s another 6.
  2. Thanks Bruce, you are probably right about the drain down, although I replaced them along with the metering unit from Prestige a couple of years ago.
  3. Thanks for all of the suggestions, I went for the Halfords option in the end. It seem does to have improved the starting, but it still doesn't fire on all six initially. Maybe something to do with infrequent use.
  4. Am I missing something ? I have decided to replace the battery on my car as it is displaying the exact starting symptoms as in the recent PI article in TR Action. My problem is that all of the batteries I have looked at have the +ve terminal on the right & the -ve terminal on the left. (as you look a the battery from the front). My car has the terminals the other way round. Is this normal ? I can't put the battery in 'back to front' as the cables would not be long enough. Is it possible to get car batteries with the terminals the other way round ? Cheers
  5. Mark P

    Poly bushes

    Thanks Les & Stuart, I have looked at Chris Witors site & they do look well priced. Always nice to go by recommendation.
  6. Mark P

    Poly bushes

    Does any one have an opinion whether to use the polybushes supplied by Rimmers (<£200 a set) or the Super pro bushes (as supplied by Moss >£400 a set). Would buying the more expensive set from Moss make much difference for a car used solely on the road? Cheers
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