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  1. I don't have the link but Revington have an electronic solution,expensive, but does away with the ball ache of the dog drive
  2. D1070

    10 countries

    This will be my fifth run ,I will be co driving with James Cooper, entry 17
  3. Racetorations have a similar co-axial clutch,in fact ,it may well be the same.Fitted in 2007 it has been smooth and reliable for 55k miles,excellent bit of kit and a genuinely good 'upgrade' , Cheers, Laurence
  4. Thanks Roger and Stuart,I'll speak to Revington ,bearing James's comments in mind, Cheers Laurence
  5. Alec' s words are even more pertinent today than in 1979.Triumphs in general and TRs in particular look incredibly vulnerable compared to contemporary vehicles. I have a roll bar fitted and front hub strengthening kit but does anyone know where the tank shield and suspension strengthening kit can be purchased. Apologies in advance if this has already been discussed in other threads , Cheers Laurence
  6. I've searched the relevant forums but not found the sequence to remove and replace the rear springs on my TR5. Will it be necessary to unbolt the drive shafts as well as the shock absorber?.I assume the rear antiroll bar will have to be at least loosened if not removed
  7. The FB page that Darren has set up works well,it's not for everyone but personally I prefer the format to traditional forums. Cheers Laurence
  8. Racetorations do ducting in fiberglass coloured black,simple but effective
  9. D1070

    Ebay 5

    late example,the final digit denotes overdrive
  10. Nice Bury registration
  11. The reviews are generally excellent Tim . I've got the vredestein sprint classic and they tick most of the required boxes as well,the only downside with t trac might be that they are classified as summer tyres tho probably not an issue in the uk, Cheers Laurence
  12. D1070

    Expensive TR5

    I wonder how many of the very early TR5s ie CP1-20, actually survive, seems like a few. Like others, I recall seeing CP2,in a rough state, at TRBitz, cheers, Laurence
  13. Looks really sharp Stuart,I'm not usually a fan of sidescreen cars, but this one really looks the business, Cheers Laurence
  14. D1070

    underseal TR6

    BH products do the job,-and its a messy one!,I've used both clear and black coloured products,agreed the Web site is not the best but the product,imho, certainly is, cheers Laurence
  15. D1070

    TR6 Newbie

    thats very nice, thanks for sharing.Looks like you even have the original carpet, great to see such an unmodified car in its original 70s saffron colour, enjoy, cheers, Laurence
  16. Graze, After trying different solutions to cure my leaking Mk1 2000 windsceen i found the capatains creeping crack cure worked,-it kept out the monsoons of Harrogate so must be good
  17. Many thanks to Deggers and Tim, info and link much appreciated. The TR6 wheels are 5.5J so should be ok with165/80 tyres. I can't find any winter/snow tyres that are 185/70/15, cheers, Laurence
  18. Deggers, I was looking at having the vred snow tyres for a set of TR6 steel wheels this winter and wondered how you got on with them last winter, cheers, Laurence
  19. Barry, Having had a fair bit of work carried on my TRs,both webered cars,over the years i can recommend Mike Tarr as someone who really understands the workings of webers and also charges sensible prices for that work. I have no financial interest just a satisfied customer, cheers, Laurence
  20. impressive numbers Tom, see you in Dover, cheers, Laurence
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