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  1. Waiting for www.tr-register.co.uk. zzzzzzzz

  2. Waiting for www.tr-register.co.uk...

  3. Mostly mopping up oil leaks.

  4. Off to Le Mans on Tuesday. The weather looks iffy which is par for whenever I go.

  5. Nothing but questions, questions, questions today!

  6. Body off without bringing down the garage roof. Yay!

  7. Just back from an aborted trip to Surrey. Took 1 hour to get as far as Milton Keynes then 6 hours to get back home.

  8. Pilkie suggested that you might be able to use your admin powers to change my screen name. I can see display name history but can't find any way to change it using My Settings.

  9. Thanks Mike but I can't see an option to change my screen name from HPA 510K to something new.

  10. What's your budget? I'm thinking of selling.

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