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  1. From experience (admittedly limited), in practice the paper clip will bend before it sets the pins. You might get lucky with a sloppy lock but only if your tensioning is spot on. A pick set is cheap.
  2. Get a cheap lock pick set from eBay or Amazon. Tumbler locks are quite easy. I recently needed to open a filing cabinet and did it in under a minute.
  3. Alternatively and avoiding removing the ammeter from the dash, get yourself a small neodymium magnet and attach it to the back of the instrument panel near the meter. Move it around until the needle is centred. Get a cup of tea. It's not guaranteed to work but it did for me on my TR6.
  4. Someone once said that size isn't important.
  5. And a simple bracket picks up on one of the bumper iron fixings.
  6. I have them at the rear in the bumper iron apertures.
  7. Can you post a picture of the dashcam?
  8. I was going to ask why Sue bought you a battlefield communications system, albeit now obsolete - but I’ll just get me coat.
  9. I refurbished the internals. The only consequence is that they lock and unlock in the “wrong” sense but you get used to that.
  10. Who was it who said “time is what stops everything happening at once”?
  11. I didn’t fancy the repro handles so I swapped mine side for side so the unblemished chrome is at the top.
  12. I fitted Danbury carpets to my 4A around that time. They’ve been fine.
  13. The metal stiffeners in my repro hood (Surrey top actually but the same issue) were too thick to go fully under the screen capping. I replaced them with modellers brass strip and it’s now a really good fit and doesn’t come out at any speed.
  14. Ask Alasdair at CDD if you like but as far as I’m aware they’re not serviceable (in normal use). There are no grease nipples. I’ve never done mine and they’ve been on for a couple of years.
  15. I would use dedicated CV joint grease (I use Comma) - it's black in colour. I use it in my trunnions. Why the need to regrease the CDD driveshafts? You'll need to remove the boots as there are no greasing points - at least that I can see.
  16. I use the Macy method every time. It works and I’ve proved it (to myself) to be more reliable in terms of accuracy and repeatability than the rule of 9.
  17. An interesting juxtaposition, well for me anyway, is my recollection of an Eagles concert quite a few years ago. It was so note perfect as to be indistinguishable from the studio recordings of all the songs. I found it a bit boring.
  18. Did it ever work properly or is this a new problem?
  19. Not to mention an ex-fireplace salesman in charge of defence then education.
  20. I use a length of silicone rubber tube with a slash cut on the end that goes into the overflow bottle. Secured with cable ties.
  21. Ages ago I saw blue Hylomar spray recommended and I’ve used it every time since then.
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