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  1. I compared the curve, it is different. Contacted supplier and I will get a new one. One strange thing I saw using the strobe when the normal points are back in. The flickering of the strobe light is not constant. Every now and than it misses. I think (stationary) at least ones every one or two seconds. It does that on all leads. When driving (cruising speed, not under load) it runs but I can feel a very slight hesitating now and than. It feels like the ignition every time is missing one. This is the reason I wanted the electronic ignition. I put an extra earth cable from the battery direc
  2. Steve, yes, it is black on the heel. Andreas, you think on higher revs it doesn't meet the pickup contact When I drive and give full throttle the car immediately stutters firmly, no power. Until 2500 rpm all works fine. When I drive and slightly rev up I can go to 3500 rpm before it stutters. 4000 is impossible. Peter
  3. Steve, thanks. Earthing is good, also when I move the advance plate. Advance is working correctly with the strobe. I'm going back to the store tomorrow and change this one. Peter
  4. The TR6 PI has a mechanical advance without vacuum. The mechanical advance stops (standard) at about 2500 rpm, so I read. My TR6 works properly with the normal points, also at high revs. So, it should work. The electronic ignition I got is from Powerspark https://blog.simonbbc.com/faq-helper-page/quick-look-at-the-powerspark-ignition-kit-k1-lucas-22d6-25d6-6-cylinder/ I cannot do any different setting on this one. Just put it in and it should work, so they say. Could it be the HT leads?? I have original copper ones and is it possible there's a (magnetic) interference with the e
  5. Thanks, checked it, but no. Peter
  6. Hi, I installed a Powerspark electronic ignition, the one that replaces points. Problem is when pulling up the car stutters, so at higher revs. At low revs it runs fine, even better than with points. Looks like the advance at higher revs go's wrong somehow. Put back in the points and the car runs fine at higher revs so the mechanical advance from the distributor is working. Any ideas? Peter
  7. Update; driving the TR6 for 2 month's now without any problem after changing all the seals in the injectors. Thanks a lot!
  8. Harvey, you made me think. So, I removed the c clip. I push out the valve and tried to take of the rubber seal, it immediately broke?? This is a recon injector, 2 months old from LMK. Is this normal? Luckily I had a small seal from the espresso machine in exactly the same size. Placed it and reassembled the injector. Big surprise, the injector starts spraying like a charm within seconds . Dismantled the other injector and also on this one the rubber seal immediately broke. I don't know if the rubber seal from the espresso machine can handle unleaded fuel? What do you think? I can
  9. Hi Harvey, thanks, I'm already in contact with Malcolm for advice. He thinks it would be good to do a test on the MU. But he does not now how I went today. I'm going to order 2 or 3 injectors and see if that's the problem. Peter
  10. Oké, drove this morning. Drives oké when: - I leave the shoke on! - With shoke off, the engine drives on 4 legs with little throttle en low rpm. With higher throttle it goes well! In 3 and 4th gear and higher throttle it also goes well in low rpm - Also when breaking and giving throttle it goes well. When idle there's no pulse on cylinder 2 and 3. So, conclusion the MU works? Are some injectors faulty? Peter
  11. Thanks Peter, going for a drive tomorrow morning. And uhhhh, a steep hill in Holland Peter
  12. Today I tried bleeding the injectors by pulling the tip and holding the injector upwards. Cylinder 2 starts spraying. I started the engine on 4 legs and kept going on with the bleeding. 1 and 3 only drip and when I pull the tip it looks like there are coming small bubbles of air with the fuel drips. After 30 minutes with no engine running (it was going hot) I took of injector 1 and it is empty? Took the fuel line off and the outlet on the MU. I see no debris. Blow with compressed air the outlet and hear it closing correctly. Also blow the injector. Put it all back but still injector 1 drips,
  13. Hi, tried again this morning. It is even worse. Engine is running on 3 cylinders, so misfiring a lot, with a strong pulse in those fuel leads. I pulled the other injectors and they are only dripping a bit or giving no fuel. Blowed them with air but it doesn't help. Cleaned them with carb cleaner, no effect. Pulling off the vacuum helps getting a pulse but immediately is gone after putting back the vacuum. One injector is faster dripping but no nice spray. I don't know where to start from here.
  14. Hi, dismantled the pedestal, took out the MU gear and oiled the seals. Also and again measured in the size of the shim and put a new one in. For now it works and the high sound is gone. But there a new problem, already there, that now get's my attention. There's no pulse on injectors 2 and 3. Peter, as you suggested in another topic, I took the vacuum from the MU. After 10 seconds there's a very strong pulse on all injectors. After putting back the vacuum ons the MU the pulse disappears on 2 and 3. Tried this several times and one time the pulse on 2 stayed but disappeared on the next sta
  15. Peter: oil pressure is stationary when cold 5 and hot 2, when driving hot 3-4. I took the dizzy off. There is oil in the pedestal shaft and the bottom end of the dizzy is wet with oil. Just to be sure I did put some extra oil in the shaft and a drop on top of the dizzy. Also disconnected the tachometer cable and put the dizzy back in place. But the sound is still there. PI adaptor, you mean the pedestal?; the bearings are new (there was an oil leak from the little hole on the bottom, toke me ages to find that one out . The sound was there before I changed the bearings. MU; is recon fro
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