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  1. Oh dear, good job I'm putting off the 'go-faster' stripes until next month!!! I haven't purchased anything yet and was interested in members views and experiences. Maybe the weight and balance of a Tr6 is better suited to a servo system? Anyway, thank you everyone, plenty to think about. I was just getting a bit concerned that with my metal knee and a wife that loves driving 'her' TR with vigour a servo might make life a little easier - even the chest hairs have gone white (mine that is!!)
  2. Can anyone advise on the fitting of a brake servo to a TR4? Best position? Is there anything else to buy that's not in the 'kit', from say Rimmers or Moss?
  3. Word of warning before removing the insert. Cut the rubber out of the car - do not try and lever out the insert- you will bend it and it will not fit properly. People have even sent the metal one away for re-chroming, as they are now unavailable. Don't do it, they will come back distorted in some way and could be US! The fitter I used did not use a special tool for the insert, just a blunt screwdriver and very strong fingers.
  4. Thanks guys, a lot to think about. I replaced all service parts including diaphragms and used new jets , the only ones available at the time (but that's all old mans memory!!!) The carbs are CD175 , original equipment I think. They are balanced (or were balanced) with an air flow meter and as I said run very well from medium throttle onwards. First job seems to be check physical alignment etc and then check for air leaks etc. The only engine mods I know about ,and they wouldn't effect this problem, were the extra oil feed to the rockers, and hardened valve seats, both before I bought the
  5. I managed to overall my strombergs a couple of years ago and the car goes very well, especially over about 2000 rpm. Under that, especially when cold, the engine is quite rough and noisy (people think its running rich but I think lean). A little choke helps a lot at the lower revs. Do I need a different needle profile? Do I remember correctly that needle choice is limited with strombergs? I wouldn't want to loose the good running at higher revs.
  6. I recently had the screen replaced on my TR4 by Jaycee at Marches Autoglazing, 07866219488. He was prompt , quick and very clean and loves the older cars, especially triumphs of any type. For 2 visits he charged £70, he needed 2 visits because the first rubber i purchased was on special offer from TR London last year and although it fitted the car it would not hold the inserts, neither the older metal ones nor the newer plastic type. A new rubber from Moss/Rimmers did the trick. He works the West Midlands and East Wales
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