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  1. Hi Graham Spotted the indicator stalk, does this also have horn and where did you get it? part number wold be amazing!! many thanks Adrian
  2. Hi all my carbs set up at approx 2 1/2 full turns anti clockwise which brought the colour tune into spec but when the piston raising pin is operated the revs drop and do not return until the pin is relesed, car is still being rebuilt so can not road test. I have noted that the force required to lift the SU piston with SU oil in the dashpots was different for each cab. As supplied carb 1 required 2.8 lbs pressure to lift and carb 2 3.9 lbs, I then swapped the dampers in each carb and got values of carb 1 3lbs and carb 2 3.5 lbs. Does anyone know if the lift would have been checked and calibrat
  3. Is it this type you were talking about Stuart?
  4. Yes I have a tr4a manifold, so will need to find something thinner, The body is not on the car at the minute so can not measure distances etc.
  5. I am now thinking about air filters, what make model are these and is there enough space or gap to the inner wing? All suggestions on filters most aporeciated Thanks in advance
  6. Hi my capillary temp gauge on my 3a is reading about 20 deg F too high, has anybody tried to re-zero or calibrate one of these and or have any info or links on how to do this? Thanks in advance
  7. So should check title etc before posting.. Sorry
  8. Hi all I have found lots of info on setting up mixture etc but not a lot on how to set up linkages for HS6 carbs. Does anyone have a link to some help with setting up the linkages? Thanks in advancs
  9. Hi Andy Did you ever post the details for different intermotor fan switches and their temperature ranges as I am keen to fit one on my TR3. Many thanks Adrian
  10. I am trying to fit my Phoenix manifold and single rear box system (which thought this was going to give me some grief). The exhaust clamp on gearbox exhaust bracket will require at least a 3/4" spacer as it will not tighten onto the bracket even with the exhaust pipe through the center section hard up against the side of the center box of the chassis, however without the rear exhaust box fitted I can move center tube such that it sits in the middle of the center box of the chassis. When I fit the rear box it tends to foul against the diff and forces the center section exhaust tube hard again
  11. Hi sorry for jumping on the back of this post but does anybody know what thread is used on inlet and outlet of the mechanical fuel pump on a Tr3a. Thanks in advance Adrian
  12. I am hopefully going to sort out oil this weekend, what are anybodies thought on semi synthetic or mineral oil or running in oil for a newly rebuild engine? As always thanks for any views. Adrian
  13. Hi Rich Just found original photo of mine while stripping down, looks like I have fitted as original but will have a look to see if it is possible to change ports tomorrow. Cheers
  14. Evening all, I have managed a couple of hours in the garage and started fitting the phoenix manifold and can already see a couple of issues, first will be grinding down the flange in various locations to allow the inlet manifold to also fit. However my question for tonight is.. How close can the break pipe be to the manifold (see photo} there is currently about a half inch gap, is that likely to cause any braking issues due to heat tx into break fluid. Any thought again greatfuly received. Adrian
  15. Hi all I am starting to think about which oil to use for my fully rebuilt engine and note westway do a SAE 30 running in oil. I doubt the cat will get back on the road within the next couple of years so am wondering if I should be using the esrway semi synthetic or running in oil as it will be in the engine for quite some time. Thanks in advance for your views. Adrian
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