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  1. Hello Brendan, I've just checked on the government's MOT website and it seems that your former car is still going strong ... https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/ In terms of establishing who owns the car now and where it is, that's not so easy. Up until quite recently you could have got the information from the DVLA, but no more. Probably your best bet is to contact the TR6 Registrar Derek Graham (saffrontr6@btinternet.com) and ask if the car is known to the club. If it is, then the club might be able to contact the owner and let them know that you are looking for the car. Hope you track it down. Cheers, Darren
  2. Hi John, Sorry to hear of your woes. I cannot quite picture the issue, but something like this might help ... Or, this if you have a spinning collar .... Hope it is of some use. Cheers, Darren
  3. Sorry to hear you have sold your 5. I can understand why it's been a tough day for you. As someone said to me earlier, we are only the custodians of these cars. No doubt you've enjoyed the car and done your bit to keep it going. Let's hope the new custodian takes as much joy from it as you obviously have. I cannot ever imagine selling mine, but then we never know what the future holds and sometimes there's no choice but a difficult one. Best wishes, Darren
  4. Hi Mike, Sorry to hear of your issues. If you want to drop me an email, we can have a chat, as I've experienced similar. dfcummings@aol.com Cheers, Darren
  5. I've got a spare Harry. It's a bit tatty and I'm not absolutely sure it's working, but you are most welcome to give it a try. Best wishes, Darren
  6. I heard he did frilly knickers ... but might have imagined it.
  7. TR5tar

    FND 205F

    I agree, absolutely.
  8. TR5tar

    FND 205F

    Trouble is Hawk, somewhere along the line the car has been registered (incorrectly in the opinion of many) as a TR5, so Trading Standards are unlikely to take much interest. After all, the seller is selling it as a 5 and it's registered as one. There is a group of 5 owners who are trying to tackle the issue by making representations to the DVLA and the FBHVC at the moment, but I think it'll be a long and difficult process.
  9. TR5tar


    As Mafield says, lots of 250s correctly registered as 250s. If I had such a car to sell, I'd be straight on to the DVLA and put the error right.
  10. Glad to hear of your success Mark, even if it came at some expense. Rule I follow these days is always start with the easiest and cheapest things to change. Cheers, Darren
  11. Hi Mark, Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear of your woes, but hopefully you'll find some help here. If it were me, I think I'd start by talking with the dealer you purchased the car from. If they are one of the TR specific ones, then they'll be more than happy to help you, I'm sure. If they are not TR specialists, then I can see that you might not get far with them. Also, I appreciate that given the distance between you and the dealer and the problems, it'll be difficult to return the car. I'm certainly no expert on the mechanical side of things, but I'm always interested in exploring such issues and to learn. With your particular problem, I'm a bit confused by how you stated the issue. Are you saying that when you start the car, the revs go straight up to above 2000 for a while (with no throttle) and then drop down to 1000 before it stalls? Or, are you saying that when it starts you can rev it above 2000, but as soon as you come off the throttle it drops to 1000 and dies? Cheers, Darren
  12. Don't think that I could ever feel happy with an electric TR. No smell of exhaust fumes, or of petrol fumes, or of hot oil would ruin it for me. Darren
  13. Or, how about making an offer for this one that is said to be original ... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TR4-badge/163112460642?hash=item25fa42a162:g:OGkAAOSw7btay8sm Cheers, Darren P.S. No relationship with the seller.
  14. Is that a bar that we'll be meeting in? I'll see you there. Cheers, Darren P.S. Don't forget the gathering for Alec on Saturday from 3PM. I believe it is taking place in the Scampton room, but please check.
  15. "Heavens to mergatroid, if that MG is lapping faster than the Triumph, the TR driver is going to get this brolly where the sun don't shine when I catch hold of him". It's a lovely photo Tom. Humour is the best defense. Remember the happy times. RIP Alec. Darren
  16. Like hen's teeth are Clear Hooters wiper switches. I've been searching for a while. At the moment I'm using a headlight switch, which gives me the two speed wiper function. Here's one on Ebay that looks the same as I have ... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRIUMPH-SPITFIRE-GT6-TR6-CLEAR-HOOTERS-HEADLIGHT-HEADLAMP-SWITCH-RARE/192445450874?epid=6014267105&hash=item2ccea48a7a:g:8pMAAOSwWMhadKRy It's not ideal, but the one I have works, although every year it confuses my MOT tester. Hope it helps Dave. Cheers, Darren
  17. Sorry to hear this, Tush. Thanks for letting us know. RIP Don
  18. Who said you couldn't join. Now let me come to that party.
  19. Hi Graeme, I created the group in question, as mentioned above. From your message, I think it was you that asked to join, right? I did respond to you with a message saying that it was being discussed. I didn't want to be the owner of a group where I made all the decisions, so I asked other members about who should have access. Nearly everyone wanted to keep it to 5 owners only. I was one who said that I'd be happy to welcome 250 owners too. I'm sorry if the decision causes offense, as none was intended. I suppose really what is going on with our little group is no different from here on this forum, where people who do not pay are not welcome in certain chat areas. I fully understand those that dislike FB and want nothing to do with it, I used to feel the same. I've no gripe with the view or people that hold it ... I've enough problems with others in my life. As Tony says, perhaps consider starting a 250 group. Or, a 5 / 250 group? I can set one up if you'd like me to and make you admin. Alternatively, if you would still like to join us, we can I'm sure be a bit flexible. Let me know. Best wishes, Darren
  20. Which engine, Stuart? Can anything be done? Darren
  21. Hi Mick, I was dead against FB for many, many years and I still have some issues with it, but when I joined the register and got involved with organising things for my group I signed up to FB at the same time, as a way of spreading information to group members who use it. Recently I noticed that there were a number of general TR FB groups and some specific to 6s and 7s, but nothing for 5 owners, and so I created the one Tony mentioned. It is, as Tony says, more of a social group than anything else, although we do have members with expertise regarding the mechanical side of things. What I can assure you of is that I'd certainly not post copyrighted material in that group or any other, and I'd try to safeguard against others doing so. I try to be flexible in the group, but also keep a control on who has access, so I'd hope that none of our members will be scattering the photos of our cars, but of course we cannot always protect against that. If people want to find photos to use in scams, then they will and they'll find them much easier elsewhere than from our small group of 5 owners. Whether it's liked or not, the world of communication is changing. It's clear to me that there are people who want to be part of online communities that have a social element based around a shared passion. It was why AtB was popular when we had it. Even the nature of car clubs seems to be changing to some extent. I note that many of the bigger FB car groups are now organising events and members can be found with group stands at shows. I can see a danger of younger people who get into classics joining online clubs in preference to the clubs now, so it is something that current clubs need to consider. Cheers, Darren
  22. TR5tar


    Apologies if you feel I'm carrying this thread on needlessly John, but I think Ruby's posts 6, 7, 11 and 13 are a good demonstration of how dangerous it is to try to read an attitude from words alone, without hearing a tone of voice or seeing body language. Clearly, Ruby perceived a slight where none was intended, took offence, and retaliated. Lesson to be learnt ... don't assume an attitude until you know someone, and don't be overly sensitive. Darren
  23. I don't suppose we can have "silly voice" comedy anymore, in case it offends someone. After all, it is mocking those with silly voices and the dim-witted. No Goons then and no Python.
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