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This very special car is lovingly known by its chassis number, “TS2”. It was the third TR2 ever to exist after MVC575, which broke the speed record in Jabbeke in May 1953 and TS1 which was left-hand drive for export markets. 

TS2 was the first right-hand drive TR2 ever built and was hand constructed at Standard Triumph’s Banner Lane factory, being completed on 22nd July 1953, before the main the production line was operational.It launched the Triumph TR2 to an excited public at the Dublin Motor Show later in 1953, then spent time as a demonstrator before it went into private ownership in Ireland. 

TS2 was re-registered in the UK in the early 1960s and extensively rallied.Fast forward past another spell in Northern Ireland for TS2 and to the late 1990s when the Motoring Editor of the Coventry Telegraph, Keith Read, decided that the plucky little TR2, still bearing the scars of decades of hard use and motorsport scrapes, would be better off being fully restored.

As a result, Keith donated TS2 to the TR Register Car Club.A fundraising and restoration effort lasting several years ensued until eventually, TS2 was unveiled by Stirling Moss at the Classic Motor Show in 2001. 

Since then, she has been used and enjoyed by hundreds of TR Register Car Club members who have raised the profile of the Triumph TR2 by entering TS2 into countless public appearances, shows and events. The TR Register Car Club owns the car, and a trust has been established to ensure the car’s future for years to

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