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This weekend, TR Action Magazine editor and TR Register press officer braved driving and camping in the torrential rain to show TS2 off on our stand at The Classic - Silverstone. 

The attendance of TS2, which is the first right hand drive TR ever built, was announced via a press release from the club during the lead up to the show which explained the significance of its story. It seems that story and the efforts to which the club went to to display the car won the judges over and our little plucky TR2 swept much more exotic machinery aside to scoop the Yokohama Tyres Best Car in Show at The Classic - Silverstone.

Wayne Scott, Club Press Officer who drove the car and organised its appearance on the club stand said, "It was a total surprise and honour to receive this prize on behalf of the TR Register for TS2. The whole club has a stake in this wonderful little car and its always a privilege to get the opportunity to share that story with others. There were moments this weekend whilst peering through misted up windows in less than watertight wet weather gear whilst trying to pick my way through flooded roads in the rain that I wondered if it was all worthwhile, well it most definitely was. This is a wonderful achievement for the club and our lovely little TR2. In particular a big congratulations to Julian Taylor, the Trustees, Keith Read the original donor and all those who have a hand in keeping TS2 on the road and looked after for the benefit of club members.”

TS2 was hand built at Banner Lane in July 1953 and was unveiled to the public at the Dublin Motor Show of that year. It is chassis number 2 (hence TS2) and was the first right-hand drive TR built. Twenty years ago, the Triumph TR Register Car Club fundraised for the restoration that returned the car to the road to be used by members and taken to countless shows, promotional events and magazine shoots ever since. It is now owned in trust by the Triumph TR Register Car Club .

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Michael A Field

Well done to TS2.

John Morrison

fabulous, well done to Wayne and all involved.

Adrian Lawton

We’ll done Wayne and all those looking after TS2

keith warrender

Well done to Wayne and all involved. I've just seen the ITV4 coverage of the Classic weekend and it was wetter than an Otter's pocket to quote Carol Kirkwood.