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Report by Adrian Pierson

Well... I lost my virginity first day out...Had a bit of a bang 😊

First, I have to say, how fabulous everyone was. So kind and friendly. Thanks so much to "The Gaffer" Jim for his sticky back artwork and to John who lent me a very posh carbon fibre timing strut made by his son but also to everyone of you for your moral support and for making me and my lad so welcome.

Despite winning the wooden spoon and scaring myself "s,h,one t-less" it was a special experience.

I blame Hamish for my accident and he must take full responsibility (my TR decided to eat a motorway traffic cone) as he was embarrassing me by 10s !! 🤪 Thankfully the car came off better than the poor Porsche who took a similar detour and damaged his bodywork and oil system. (What a great design plastic bumpers were after all!)

My lad, Seb was very entertained by Steve breaking the sound barrier at over 103mph through the speed trap followed by clouds of smoking rubber when Steve registered the imminent corner. Seb has transformed into Toad of Toad Hall after falling in love with Clive's red TR6... he's now also determined to join the Championship and "beat his old man".

Adrian adds: I bought this TR7 from a milkman 34 years ago (my second car) and she's been laid up in the garage, under a pile of rubbish, for the last 26. Now the car has plenty of new parts but it was a refurbishment rather than a restoration. Some of the paint is original and so is some of the rust. She's definitely not pretty! The 4 speed gearbox and "banjo diff" have been substituted for the 5 speed, which is probably a mistake for hill climbing, as they are much heavier. Still, I'm delighted she's back on the road with a shiny new MOT.

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