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It takes someone special to win our championship two years on the bounce due to the way our bogey system works. Very simply you have to keep improving your relative times at a faster rate than anyone else at, at least, five events during the course of the season.

And that's what both our champion, Martin Paine, and runner up, Nick Smith, did. Both scored the maximum points at five events, but because Martin scored more of his points at events where there were more championship entrants, he got to take the pot home again. So very well done to Martin, a very worthy champion.

Martin Paine 50.25 points Champion

Nick Smith 50.11 points 2nd overall

Steve Small 49.86 points 3rd overall

Sam Browne 40.13 points 1st lady

Graham Ramsey 47.22 points 1st in Class 1

Alan Yeo 49.64 points 1st in Class 2

John Weedon 49.51 points 2nd in Class 2

Hamish Roscoe 47.81 points 3rd in Class 2

Jim Giddings 49.62 points 1st in Class 3

Rod Warner 48.96 points 2nd in Class 3

Clive Letherby 48.88 points 3rd in Class 3

And finally, it seems that Sam Browne has persuaded Mandy Small to join her in her TR4 next year. Sam seems pleased even if Mandy is looking a bit apprehensive and looking to Steve for support.

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