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As we sprint towards the end of the season, many of the Revington TR / TR Register Sprint and Hillclimb positions seem settled but there are a number of key battles still going on.

Isn't it wonderful that out most fiercely competitive class we see four different cars and their drivers competing for glory? Class 3A sees Neil Revington (Beta), Andy Bradnum (GT6 Mk III), Dale Huxford (Spitfire Mk IV) and Tony Browne (Dolly Sprint) all still in with their chance of glory. Upping the power into class 3B sees Rod Warner (TR7 V8), Robert MacGregor (Dolly Sprint) and Jim Johnstone (TR6) fighting it out.

Elsewhere the TR6s tend to dominate. In Class 2B Roger McEwen and Nick Smith are dicing for the honours. In Class 1D, it's Graham Howard and Jim Berry. And in 2A it's between Alan Yeo and Chris Roberts in the Vitesse.

So there you have it. For the 2015 season we had 26 competitors registered driving 10 different types of Triumph. It really doesn't matter what type of four wheeled Triumph you own, you'd be made most welcome in our Revington TR / TR Register Sprint and Hillclimb Championship. Come and join us in 2016.

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Robert Barnard

Good to see the article updating positions in the 2015 championship but no mention of Class 2C in which I was placed. I did end the season winning Class 2 and I came overall 4th in the Championship - all in my Rookie year too.
Roll on 2016 season and the Castle Combe Trackday, and the Manx Classic!!!