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We'd like to inspire you to take the first steps towards competitive motorsport and join us in the Revington TR / TR Register Sprint and Hillclimb Championship

Although some of us believe we could have been THE next Stirling Moss had the cards fallen fairly for us, we are in truth a bunch of pretty average Triumph drivers (which clearly makes us a cut above average anyway) out to have a great time in our cars. And we've found the more of us doing it, the better the banter, the better the competition and the better the fun.

While it is serious motorsport and is truly competitive once the lights go green, it is also one of the most sociable motoring events you are likely to encounter. There is plenty of friendly banter and as much help and advice as you can stand; most newcomers have commented how welcome they have felt and the TR's are well known for how cohesive they are at an event – and we all had to start somewhere.

The class structure provides a slot for any Triumph car with appropriate target times.

So come on, have a quick read through the profiles. You know in your heart you can do better than us, so read through the getting started article on the website, an excellent guide to getting started in the sport, complete the paperwork and join in the fun. You've got the car. You've always wanted to do it. Come on, just do it.

To access all the forms and regulations paperwork you need click here.

The Drivers

Alan Yeo Vitesse MK1 Convertible Class 2A

Alan returned to competing in 2013 after a 30 year work / life induced layoff. He bought his Vitesse convertible from a friend's mother back in 1972 when he was just 18. The car had a chassis up Rebuild in early 80's after thrashing it for 10 years in various club motorsports. Then almost immediately it went into storage for 30 years. Then in 2013 he stripped and resprayed the car in early 2013 when he completed another full mechanical strip and rebuild to get the care ready for sprinting and hill climbing. Self maintained.

Andy Bradnum GT6 MkIII Class 3A

Andy raced on two wheels during the 1980's. 2017 will be his sixth year with his GT6, a car Andy and his son completely stripped down and rebuilt. In car videos can be found on YouTube – search Andrew Bradnum.

Bob (hooligan) Barnard TR4 Class 2C

2015 was Bob's first year. He came 1st in class and 4th overall. Thinks the steering wheel is just for pointing in the general direction, but quick for a newbie - Nuff said.

Chris Roberts TR8 Class 2B

Chris started in 2015 with a Vitesse 2ltr and TR7. Has now acquired a Del Lines TR8. One to watch in 2017?

Chris Smith TR3A Class 2A

Chris competed in stage rallying from 1990 to 1993 where his best result was a very respectable 21st overall in Rally Brittania. Since then he's done the occasional track day. He's decided to have a final fling in hillclimbs/sprints now he's moved from London to the South West.

He bought his TR3A from a friend's father in Bristol over 30 years ago who he believes had it from new. The car was totally rebuilt by Racetorations in Gainsborough in 1990 with further work by Steve Hall at TR Enterprises in Nottingham . The car has always proved reliable but has only done about 5,500 miles since the rebuild, so needs to be driven more.

Clive Letherby TR6 V8, Class 3B

Not your normal TR6. This one is fitted with a 3.9 litre V8 a five speed box and lots of other tricks to make it go faster. Good job it also has Brembo brakes and that Clive has a dozen years of competition under his belt.

Dan Brown Toledo Class 3A

Dan competed in 2 stroke karts as a teenager and one the Castle Combe Karting Championship in 2008. In 2009/10 he was the world's number 1 simulator driver. 2017 will be his first year in a car championship. He bought his car on 2012 and over the years has completely transformed it from a rather tatty brown Toledo into a magnificent pink race car. Search Dan Brown on YouTube, it's worth it.

Derek Pywell Spitfire Class 2A

New to competition, Derek says he's finally getting around to having a go at some motorsport. He bought his Spitfire in 2016. It had been used a track day car so most of the work needed to be done for competition work was already in place. He has, however, fitted new seats with headrests and four point belts.

Edwin Driver TR2 Class 2 or 3

Edwin comes to the championship after racing in the now defunct TR Race Championship, The Thoroughbred Championship, The Swinging 60s and AMOC Race Series. His car he has owned for 40 years now.

Graham Howard TR6 Class 1D

Graham has been competing in the championship for ten years now and has been both 2nd and 3rd overall. He has owned his car for over 25 years now with much of it still orginal.

Graham Ramsey TR7 Class 1C

Graham started rallying in 1996 in an Opel Ascona and Lancia Fulvia. He co-drove during 1997 BTRDA Rally Championship in an Astra GTE and competed in first sprint with TR7 at a 750 MC sprint at Brooklands in 2000. He has been a regular competitor in our championship since 2001.

His local TR Group helped him locate the car 17 years ago. It had not been used for 14 year when he bought it in March 2000. Since then it has always been used in the Road-going class of the championship and has been modified in accordance with the rules over time. It has a lightened and balanced engine with a fast road cam and sports exhaust. Suspension has also been upgraded. Otherwise it is a standard car built in Speke during 1977 and driven to, and hopefully home from, each event. The car is maintained by Revington TR and a local group of like minded car enthusiasts.

Hamish Roscoe TR3A Class 2A

Hamish is following in the footsteps of his father who raced, hillclimbed, sprinted and trialled in the 1950s. He is younger than the car he bought at auction in July 2016. The previous owner Mr Tony Thompson owned the car for about 45 years fully rebuilding it. He undertook all the engineering modifications himself having competed himself in this competition in the 1970's /80's. He also toured Europe in it. Hamish has had to replace the head gasket and undertaken the works to get the car competition compliant with the addition of oil catch tank, roll bar, seats, harnesses etc and hopes to carry on where he left off with this lovely and fun car.

Ian Prout TR3A Class 2A

Ian has over 30 years forest rallying in a variety of Ladas and Escorts. He first started to compete in hillclimbs, sprints and historic regularity rallies 9 years ago after he rebuilt Kevin's car. Frustrated by Kevin's lack of progress in getting his TR3A back on the road, he offered to sort the car expecting to do a bit of work sorting the messy electrics and the like. It turned out, the car needed a complete rebuild. An agreement was made. Ian would rebuild the car and together Ian and Kev would use it for a bit of motorsport. The car was completed 9 years ago and we've had little success in terms of awards but great fun.

Jeff Hooper TR6 Class 3B

Jeff started competing 15 years soon after he bought his car and won his class twice. He now races in the MGCC Throughbred Series and has come back to our championship for our camaraderie. The car now has a full roll cage and fibreglass panels reducing its weight.

Jim Berry TR6 Class 1D

Jim retired from 505 dinghy racing in 2012 after more than 40 years of international sailing. So being in his eighties he thought he'd take up something safer, drove his TR6 out of his garage (acquired as part of part exchange back in 1975) and first entered the championship a few years ago. It's his car featured on the front cover of TR Action #287.

Jim Giddings TR7 V8 Class 3B ( Big Jim, Big engine)

The Sevenoaks Speed League Champion in 2013, Jim has been competing in or championship since 1993. Jim also likes a bit of international motorsport and is a regular entrant in the Saint Goueno, a round of the French National Hillclimb championship. Inevitably the car has seen a series of upgrades over the years, fully road going but serious bit of kit. Jim likes winning, beating the modern Porkers and Beemers, and helps organise the increasingly popular Motorsport at the Palace event in May.

John Hanna TR4 Class 2A

It's been over 30 years now since John last raced his TR4 in the 1980's. Having sold the car and then bought it back in 2013, it's now time to get out the race suit and have another play. John sprinted a TR4A back in 1977, then took up racing in a TR3 with a 2.5 litre Daimer V8 in 1979, a normal engine TR3 in the early 80s and his current TR4 in the late 80s. Welcome back John.

Jim Johnson TR6 Class 3B

First event was a sprint in 1957 in a Talbot Special. Later Mk1 Sprite with Speedwell engine used in sprints, hill climbs & circuit racing. From 1964 to 69, hill climb championship in single seaters culminating in a Brabham Buick & 6th in the championship. 1977-79 1600cc Brabham for hill climbing.Winner 2015 Harewood Senior and Ilkley & DMC Speed Event Championships and 2016 Ilkley & DMC Champ. Class wins at Harewood, Croft & Bo'ness and second places at Shelsley Walsh.It's not a hobby – it's an incurable disease! I love it.Acquired in Spring 2014. It had been built for the HSCC Championship, road going class but had not been used for 3 years. First outing was Harewood in Aug '13. Since then I have replaced the LS Diff, dampers, diff ratio and added f/g bonnet, boot lid & doors. There is further weight reduction potential but I do not want to weaken the basic structure.

John Weedon TR4 Class 2B

John is a seasoned competitor with 25 or more years competing in various TRs and Mallocks under his belt. He's won the Championship twice and in 2017 returns to the championship in a TR4 he's recently bought from a dealer.

Kev Bryant TR3A Class 2A

Kev first started to compete in hillclimbs, sprints and historic regularity rallies 9 years ago following the rebuild. The TR3A isn't exactly the fastest thing on the track, in fact we're often one of the slowest, but with our narrow road tyres, rear wheel drive and a decent front anti roll bar, if we get it right we can enjoy four wheel drifts round some of the corners.

He bought the car at auction in 1998, ran it for a year and then it spent the next 8 years or so on axle stands in the garage. One year at Le Mans, a friend who had recently retired asked about progress. Unimpressed he offered to collect the car and sort it for me. A couple of weeks after we got back, he collected the car. Another couple of weeks passed and I got a call. "Kevin, you've got a problem. I've sorted the suspension, tidied the electrics but the inner body shell is shot. The car needs a complete rebuild." A bit of research quickly established the parts cost would be stretching, but the labour costs unaffordable. "Don't worry about that" Ian said. "Let me rebuild and we'll use it for a bit of motorsport once she's finished." That was 11 years ago.

Matt Feltham TR4A Class 2B

A new entrant in 2016, Matt's looking to improve his performances and times during 2017. Matt bought the car in 2015 and employed the services of Neil Revington to fettle it. So if Matt doesn't improve in 2017, it's Neil's fault.

Mandy Small TR7 Class 2A

After winning the ladies cup in her 1st year, Mandy is back to try again. Mandy and Steve originally restored the car over 20 years ago, sold it and then after spotting it for sale on eBay bought it back again.

Neil Revington

As well as heading up our sponsors Revington TR, Neil has been competing in Hill climbs and Sprints since the early 70's, initially in the Southern Hillclimb and Sprint Championship which our championship is 'son of'.

For years Neil competed in his trusty TR2 (at one time his only car) but over the years has competed in a TR4 and a TR5. Now the car of choice is SC011OB, a Triumph Beta with a difference; it's a TR4 chassis, TR3 body with wider wings and a mechanically fuel injected TR5 engine up the front. For the moment it's quicker than Neil.

Nick Smith TR6 Class 2B

Nick was our 2015 champion and first started competing five years ago. He says he was nervous joining in to start with as he didn't want to make a fool of himself. He soon realised that wasn't an issue and everyone feels a bit apprehensive at first.

His first car was a standard CP with a strong engine that he'd had refurbished for hillclimbing. He sold that car on when he realised it was better to buy somebody else's car that they had spent a fortune on. The new car was a fully rebuilt, tuned fast road car that has just about every useful upgrade from the Revington catalogue. It has 145bhp at the wheels but had barely been used. Since then he's added a roll cage and re-fettled most of the moving parts including replacing the standard road 3.4 diff with a 4.1. Crashed badly at Gurston in 2016 and at time of writing is nearing completion of the rebuild.

Richard Durrant TR4A Class 1C

Richard is returning to motorsport after a layoff of some … , well let's just say a considerable number of years. He bought his car in 2004 as a civilised replacement for a Westfield.

Robert MacGregor Dolomite Sprint Class 3B

Experienced racer in a very well prepared Dolly Sprint. Search Robert MacGregor on YouTube.

Robert Mead TR4 Class 2B

Robert's care is an American import which he says had been treated with limited respect but had the price tag. Three years ago he dropped a 3A engine in it and is now ready to compete again. He says again because during 1989 and 2009 he competed in the championship but was never really happy with his powder blue 3A. So with a change of steed he's looking forward to happier times and bigger grins. Welcome back Bob.

Rod Warner TR7 V8 Class 3B

Started competing in 1995 and vigorously denies that he has ever polished his car since – hence the stealth black . The engine is best described as a tuned SD1 Vitesse 3500cc unit , the car is no longer road going and the driver is barely that either . The best modifications over the years were new the tyres and new glasses in 2005. For 2017 both will have been refreshed.

One of the organisation team since 1999 responsible for scoring, bogey setting and the technical committee.

Roger McEwen TR6 PI Class 2B

Roger is our sprint and hillclimb coordinator and started competing in the 1960's in a MG Midget. In 1997 he acquired his current car in good roadworthy condition and started the process of upgrading the car. In 2001 the car was treated to a rebuilt engine to rally specification by Revington TR and is now fitted with a Ford type 9 five speed gearbox, a Quaife torque biasing rear differential and uprated suspension all round with telescopic shocks on the rear.

Samantha Browne TR4 Class 2B & Dolomite Sprint Class 3A

Sam started competing in our championship in 2013 in the TR4, and now drives both cars. She has won Best Lady Driver for 3 years. She would welcome new ladies to the group. Sam enjoys competing because it's fun, it's something completely different to the day job, the group of people are always friendly and amusing, and you feel part of a team.

Steve Small TR7 V8 class 3C

Steve is an experienced racer and now runs a totally rebuilt car using the best bits from Hugh Maund's very fast TR7 V8. Not a lot of weight and very fast. But being fastest doesn't always get the maximum points, the faster you go the tougher the handicap gets.

Tom Purves TR3A Class 1B

Tom raced karts as a teenager and bought his concours d'elegance winner in 2012 as a standard road car with sensible modifications for modern road use and light competition work. He started competing in 2015 and has won 1st in class in both 2015 and 2016. He also won three Best Presented Car awards.

Tony Browne TR4 Class 2B & Dolomite Sprint Class 3A

Tony started competing in our championship in 2011 in the TR4 and then bought the Dolly a few years later. Tony is a member of the Technical Committee of the Championship. He has won Best in Class for the last two years. Tony enjoys competing as each year, you can improve on your times and feel a sense of achievement – the group banter is always appreciated too.

Their Triumph Dolomite Sprint is a 1975, ex-South African race car, repatriated to the UK without an engine. It's now a very sound car but can be a bit of a rebel at times.

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