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We're now three events into the season. The first at Hullavington was attended by 7 championship competitors and was notable for Nick "I only need three wheels" Smith being pipped to maximum points by Dale Huxford. Sadly the wheel studs on Nick's TR6 decided enough was enough allowing the wheel to temporarily roam free across the Wiltshire countryside. So Dale in his Spitfire collected 10.05 points, Nick in his TR6 10.04 points and Tony Browne in his Dolomite Sprint 9.73 points.

The second event at Croft proved equally challenging for non championship entrant Geoff Mansfield. With a heavy right foot he squirted his smart TR3A across the line and into the tyre barrier resulting in yet another tyre making a temporary break for freedom. Sadly, the result was a punctured radiator and bent bodywork. On a brighter no newbie Tom Key showed veteran Roger McEwen a clean set of wheels taking 10.02 points and leaving Roger trailing with just 8.82 points. Jim Johnstone actually recorded the fastest time, but scored no points as he isn't registered with the championship, yet.

Our third event was the best attended so far this season. Fourteen registered competitors took part in the Gurston Down meeting. The TR6s of Roger McEwen, Nick, Smith, Graham Howard and Jim Berry, where joined by the Vitesses of Alan Yeo and Chris Roberts, Tony & Sam Browne in their Dolly, Tom Purves in his TR3A, Rod Warner in his TR7 V8, Andy Bradnum in his GT6 MkIII, Bob Barnard in his TR4, Dale Huxford in his Spitfire Mk IV and Graham Ramsey in his TR7. What a splendid entry. Graham Howard took the full 10.05 points with Nick Smith this time beating Dale Huxford with 9.96 and 9.87 respected.

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