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It is May 2015 and the New England weather is warming up. I had a Midnight Blue vinyl trim kit from The Roadster Factory and it was time to install it. Well at least most of it as some trim like the door panels would need to wait until I had painted and outfitted the doors.

The trimming actually starts with some soft pine wood, the strip that goes behind the B posts.

The original fibrous material had disintegrated so the strip of pine will make a good substitute. The blue fuzzy door seal gets tacked to that strip.

For the wheel arch trim I followed the instructions provided on the Macy's garage web site.

Macy's Garage Wheel Arch Cover Instructions

Mark's instructions start with "throw away the thick padding that came with the wheel arch covers". Mine came with some brown half inch thick padding which is clearly not going to look correct so I discarded that padding and used some eighth inch thick foam just on the top surfaces of the wheel arch.

I checked with the Forum regarding the correct treatment for the small area at the bottom of the B post. It was not covered by the carpet and the trim panel was going to stop at the top of the sill so this area would be bare. The Forum guidance was to use some of the spare vinyl and glue a piece to cover the bare area. You can see that rectangle of blue vinyl in the picture below, circled in red.

Installing the rest of the trim panels was uneventful using stainless screws and cups. Here is the view towards the front:

And the view towards rear: