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In early April 2015 I tackled the carpet installation. The carpet is Shadow Blue tufted nylon with midnight blue vinyl edging and came from The Roadster Factory. Under the carpet is a half inch jute padding that came from Stock Interiors in MI. I don't personally like sticking anything to the floor that I cant remove so I did not use any sound or heat insulation beyond the jute pad.

The first task was to fit the large handbrake grommet which involved some drilling for the attachment holes as well as some tugging and bad language but eventually I got it fitted.

As usual I dug into my archive of instructions from Stuart which I often had pulled from the Forum. These were the instructions I had saved for fitting the carpet.

I had already installed and glued the piece above the gearbox tunnel and the side pieces for the footwell cannot be installed until the front wings are attached so I proceeded to follow the instructions and used the standard ring fasteners to attach all of the carpet pieces to the floor and the rear shelf.

You can get a clearer view of the jute padding from this piece that I cut for the gearbox tunnel.

Here is the gearbox tunnel with the finished carpet.

The powder blue paint, midnight blue trim and shadow blue carpet are a nice combination. The fuzzy trim around the door posts is also dark blue however it doesn't match any of the other blues. I did a poll in the TR3 forum and we got more votes for the blue than the other option, black.