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In late 2014 I started some re-assembly. I had already installed the throttle linkage while the tub was on the dolly. Much easier to do that while standing next to the firewall than groveling down behind the engine.

With the tub now on the frame I was able to proceed with more of the engine bay and interior starting with the area under the dashboard as well as the dashboard itself. Stuart had published the assembly sequence in the Sidescreen forum some time ago and I basically followed that sequence.

Re-covering the dashboard went well. The vinyl I got as part of the interior kit had a good amount of stretch and over a period of a few days I worked my way around the various curves doing a small section at a time. I used brush-on contact adhesive and applied several coats to the vinyl as the backing was quite absorbent. Where the instrument panel or a gauge/switch would clamp the vinyl I trimmed it flush. Elsewhere I wrapped the vinyl around the frame and glued it.

Some good forum advice was to paint the rear of the dashboard in a light color to help with the wiring process.

The dashboard vinyl supplied with the kit did not include a stitched border around the steering column arch. I assume this is because the later cars did not have this feature. Since I would not be able to recreate the factory finish I followed some forum advice (Thanks Rod) and fabricated a border using some scrap vinyl and weed-whacker plastic line.

Here is my test piece:

Here is how the dashboard looked with the arch trimmed out.

I also used this time to install the piece of carpet that goes on the firewall above the gearbox cover. I wanted to get this in early before I started pulling wires and tubes through the firewall. It is just glued at the top as it needs to move to allow the gearbox cover to be removed and installed.

I am also planning to add a fog and spot lamp to the front of this car so I bought a small switch panel for the two switches and covered it with the same vinyl as the dashboard.

I eventually moved that switch panel over to the passenger side as in the location in the picture it was blocking the speedo odometer reset stalk.

That last picture was dated December 29 2014 so in my next entry we will be into 2015 and will soon catch up to real time.