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We found a couple of days in late August 2014 to finish painting the tub. We decided that since the underside, interior and engine bay were all painted that we could put the tub back on the frame to paint the remaining areas. Having the tub on the frame would put it at a good height for painting and make it easy to move the project around.

The scuttle, rear deck, rear end, outer sills, A&B posts, rear quarter panels would all get primed, color and several coats of clear so there would be a lot of time watching paint dry over the next couple of days.

This is how things looked on Aug 24 2014, tub is on the frame and we are applying the first coat of primer.

The standard procedure is to shoot the first coat of heavy primer then wait a day or two for it to fully cure. Then block sand, then more primer followed by the color and the clear with these last coats of primer, color and clear going on "wet on wet". The goal is even coverage and good adhesion.

Here is the tub with its first coat of primer.

We came back on the 27th Aug 2014 to block sand and then continue with the painting process. This is John shooting the first coat of Powder Blue.

Powder Blue is an interesting color. In very bright light is can appear almost white while in very low light it appears a much darker blue.

By the end of the day on 27th Aug 2014 we had a painted tub bolted to the frame and now the fun could begin with some partial assembly while we pondered the strategy for painting the outer panels.