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To complete the rolling chassis before the engine was installed I chose to install the exhaust system and new solid fuel line. The exhaust is stainless and while the installation was uneventful there are a couple of details worth noting.

After a discussion with Stuart about options I decided to use the later TR4 style exhaust hanger rather than the TR3 style that straddles the chassis members and clamps the exhaust in the middle. Taking off the old original was a PITA and this way I could minimize the amount of mild steel in the system. You can see that I made this decision after I had made the bump in the fuel line to accommodate the nut in the earlier bracket.

My experience with using regular "U Bolt" exhaust clamps with the TR6 stainless system was not good. Those clamps rust and they distort the end of the pipe so for the TR3 I bought some stainless band clamps that I hope will work better.

So rolling frame, brake lines installed, fuel line installed, getting closer to re-installing the engine and gearbox.