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In March of 2013 I was starting the prep work for rebuilding the engine. This included rebuilding the fuel pump using a rebuild kit and I wanted to clean up the oxidized casting of the pump before I started to re-assemble it.

I recall seeing examples of a simple soda blaster using a blow off gun, a foot of tubing and a box of baking soda so I decided to have a go.

A slot is cut in the tubing so you can insert the blow off gun, then the other end of the tube is shoved into the soda box. When you pull the trigger on the blow off gun the soda is sucked up from the box and ejected at speed through the end of the tube. When I shared this in the Forum I made it clear that the large pile in the background was snow and not baking soda !.

This system worked very well and in just a few minutes I had a clean pump body to work with.