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The project continued in early 2013 with the rebuild of the front suspension and brakes. After stripping the system down and cleaning all the grime and rust off the components I gave them a few coats of the same paint that I used on the frame.

I used new trunnions from The Roadster Factory which looked well made but had a longer and less well defined splined area. The whole splines, washers and grease seal thing was new to me since we don't have this on the TR6.

I read up on the correct procedure and in the end the assembly went fine and I was able to achieve the desired end float. I just checked the rubber band seals and even after two years they seem fine,

I had the calipers rebuilt by Apple Hydraulics and they did a nice job of cleaning them up, removing the sheared bolts that once held the retaining plates and giving me back a pair of calipers ready to bolt on.

I used new springs, new shock absorbers, new ball joints etc. Essentially a brand new suspension and braking system. In the picture below you can see the front of the tub under the cover on the dolly so I had lots of room to work on the chassis and suspension without having to move the dolly out of the garage. Good thing as by February we are usually unable to open the right hand garage door due to the deep snow left by the snow plow.

Other than the concern over the trunnions there were no issues with the re-assembly. I already had a spring compressor that was designed for they TR6 and bolts to the lower shock mount. I found that by enlarging the holes slightly I could also use it with the TR3.

By the end of February I was one step closer to having a rolling chassis once more.