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Sept 12 2012 was the day chosen to lift the tub off the chassis. The weather forecast was good and a few local club mates were available. I rolled the project outside and four people easily lifted the tub off the frame and onto the dolly. I later found that two of us could lift the tub if we needed it on the dolly for any reason. Thanks to Bryan, Tim, Tom and Phil for helping with this important milestone.

I needed to remove and re-install the tub several times during the later stages of the restoration and I followed the example of others that have gone before me and used an engine crane to install or remove the tub single handed.

I chose to make a beam that would attach to the crane and attached the beam to the tub using suitable lengths of chain.

The chain is attached at the rear using shackles that connect to rings bolted into one of the seat belt mounts.

At the front I made attachment points that bolt to the horn mounts.

By sheer coincidence this contraption holds the tub at a slight angle with the front higher than the rear which turned out to be perfect for clearing the engine on removal and allowing me to get the rear end aligned on the frame first during installation.

Using a two ton engine crane with the longer boom made tub removal and installation a quick and easy operation.

You can see the crane in action in this video:

TR3-Tub_removal from Stan Foster on Vimeo.