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The front right wing also had rust bubbles appearing at the lower rear corner and as we all know rust bubbles are just the tip of the iceberg.

With the paint and bondo removed the extent of the rot was revealed and the rotted section was cut out. The lower flanges that make up the bottom of the wing and bolt to the inner sill were also too far gone so they were also removed.

I fabricated a repair panel with joggled flanges using an air joggling tool.

The repair panel was welded in to finish the repair to the face of the wing.

Next I made up the bottom of the wing with the drain holes and the flange that bolts to the inner sill.

All of this metalwork was pretty straightforward just using the air joggler and some angle iron in the vice to make the bends in the sheet metal. Here's the repaired wing being test fitted. Note the channel strut under the car. This is mid 2012 and a big decision has just been made. More about that coming soon.