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In general the boot floor of this car and the spare tire cubby were in pretty good shape but just as with the front tub mounting brackets, the ones on the rear attached to the spare tire cubby walls had also rotted through. You can see the evidence in this picture. Both sides have the same problem.

The bracket itself looked ok and it had not rusted through.

The bracket is spot welded to the tub and with the paint and the crusty metal removed we can see the spot welds and the metal that needs to be removed to expose the face of the bracket. I was still in the mode where I was not planning to remove the tub from the frame, with the body off I probably would have tackled this in a different way, removing the bracket etc.

With the marked area cut out I was able to clean up and paint the bracket face as well as cut out a patch for the cubby wall.

I welded in the patch and plug welded it to the bracket.

The right hand side got identical treatment. One more item crossed off the list but still quite a mess at the rear end to deal with and we will get to that shortly.