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When I started to disassembly the TR3 it was clear I would have hundreds of parts to store, restore and replace in addition to many new parts that I would need to accumulate over time. Without a good storage and inventory system I would be doomed to searching through dozens of boxes trying to find some small part as well as re-purchasing parts that I had already bought because I could not find them.

Since I have a large basement, I bought 8 of these large plastic shelf units and numbered them. I numbered each shelf and I numbered each box. An Excel spreadsheet keeps track of what parts are in each box and where I can find the box.

I found that some discipline was required when it came to removing a part to check it or do a test fit. It was important to either put it back where it came from our update the spreadsheet. I was not 100% successful in achieving that goal however so once this project is over there will be some duplicate new parts going on eBay !.