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After examining the tub and the outer panels I ended up with this list of work items for the body:

  • Replace battery box
  • Repair front and rear tub to frame brackets and the tub sheet metal that has crumbled
  • Repair or replace floor pans
  • Replace outer sills
  • Patch front and rear of the inner sills
  • Patch rear wheel arches where they meet the inner sill
  • Patch corners of both footwells
  • Rear wings pretty good but lots of dents and the left rear has those slots that need repairing
  • Left front wing rotted at the bottom rear
  • Right front wing rotted at the bottom rear but not as bad the left front wing
  • Both front wings have issues but small stuff, dents, extra holes for wing mirrors etc
  • Front apron good other that the damage to the front right hand corner
  • Doors have some minor rust issues and dents
  • Right hand quarter panel behind the stone guard has rotted through
  • Boot lid has cracked around the right hand hinge plinth
  • Bonnet pretty good, some dents
  • Strip all paint, remove all rust, replace any missing/broken cage nuts

At this point I am still not thinking body off restoration but that time is coming soon. It is January 2011.