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In October 2010 my wife and I were heading to Orlando, FL for a vacation and I spotted a Powder Blue TR3A on Craigslist about 30 miles from where we were staying. The car was complete but tired and after emailing Stuart Edwards (Watermill Carriage Co Ltd) dozens of pictures to get his opinion, we made an offer and within a few days put the car on a truck for the 1300 mile journey back to Massachusetts. What I thought would be a quick over-the-winter tidy up turned into a multi-year full restoration that is still ongoing.

Under Stuarts direction I learned how to fabricate and weld in repair panels, how to use body solder and through hundreds of emails and photos got details for the many procedures needed to do a ground up restoration. Stuart and I have never met and never actually spoken and there is no way I could have pulled this off without his help. I have often joked that Stuart did all the work and that I was just the robot operating the tools remotely 3000 miles away. In addition to Stuarts direction I also got a lot of help from my fellow Forum members so in many ways this is our project with many contributors.

I'm a little unsure of how this new blog feature is going to work but my goal is to share what I have done to this TR3A over the last 5 years and continue on to its eventual completion late this year (2015) or early next year.