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A Record Breaker Restored - the full story of the Jabekke TR2

Period promotional film of the Jabbeke speed test with Triumph TR2 MVC575.

Promotional images issued by Standard Triumph

Interview with Glen Hewett on the restoration at the 2016 NEC Classic Motorshow

Sir Stirling Moss interview on the Jabekke speed records arms race

At the NEC Classic Motorshow in 2016, on the TR Register stand, Sir Stirling was acquainted with the striking restored Triumph TR2. This ground-breaking vehicle had made history in 1953 during speed trials held on a highway near Jabbeke in Belgium beating the record for a two-litre production sports car held by a Sunbeam Alpine at the hands of Sheila Van Dam and none other than Sir Stirling Moss.

Wayne Scott editor of TR Action Magazine for the TR Register asked "What was the arms race like between British manufacturers for those land speed records at that time?"

Sir Stirling commented "Totally different era… Lots of fun… One thing that amazed me was how reliable the cars were then… Very reliable…"

The Jabekke Speed Run 50th anniversary video - 2003.

The complete restoration, undertaken by Glen Hewett at Protek in pictures.

MVC575 - The Jabekke TR2 - A Record Breaker Restored

The story so far.

The following eBook brings together into one online publication, the entire set of articles that followed the build of MVC575 in TR Action Magazine. the final instalment will be published on April 10th in Issue 297 which will feature a breathtaking sread on the car's unveiling at the Royal Automobile Cub, Pall Mall, London.

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