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40 year Celebrations in Sinsheim

40 year Celebrations in Sinsheim

TR IG Südwest Meeting in Sinsheim Germany

24-26 July 2015

A meeting, celebrating the 40th.anniversary of the formation of what is now the TR IG Südwest, was held in the "Auto and Technikmuseum Sinsheim".

Those, who have travelled along the Autobahn on the E 50 passing Sinsheim may be familiar with the sight of a Concorde and a Tupolev TU-144 taking off side by side. That was the venue!

Blessed with a warm sunny weekend the meeting got off to a good start on Friday afternoon with welcoming refreshments in the museum. Entrance to all sections of the museum was free to all participants throughout the weekend.

With the TRs parked on the tarmac underneath the Concorde and Tupolev a barbecue buffet was prepared and enjoyed with plenty of liquid on a warm summer's evening seated on the Concorde terrace.

Around about midnight an unplanned sudden storm put an end to the celebrations, the wind clearing the tables and everything else which, wasn't heavy or bolted to the floor, in one foul sweep. Luckily for us and our cars the aircraft stayed in their pinning's. For those who had not had enough the hotel bar was still open!

Saturday's program started with a leisurely scenic drive of some 200 kms, a lunch stop was included. Some heavy sharp local showers were in the area throughout the afternoon, some participants got wet, but the lucky ones didn't.

Back on the tarmac, parked underneath the planes, there was plenty of time to browse through the museum and to climb up into the many Aircraft to view their interiors and cockpits.

The Anniversary party started at 19.00h in the hanger which was suitably laid out with a stage for the obligatory speeches (not too many – this is the TR IG Südwest – remember!) decorated on each side with two famous cars; the TR Register's own TS2 and one of the original Le-Mans TRSs which belongs to one of our members.

At this point a special thanks to the TR Register UK for the presence of TS2 at our celebration meeting and, of course, to Chris Hale who drove it from Didcot to Sinsheim and back.

After the buffet dinner and a Mountain of Ice Cream dessert it was time for music, dance and general enjoyment. For those who preferred to chat to friends the terrace outside the hanger was an ideal setting to solve the world's problems.

Sunday morning, after a good breakfast, the event officially ended, although entrance to the museum was still free to participants for the rest of the day.

However, it was the sad time to say good bye, once again, to TR friends as they made their way home - until the next time.

The organisation team:

Gerd Spothelfer, Hans-Werner Mattis, Klaus Goedelt and Wolfgang Schwerber.


Rainer Habla - More photos see GALLERY

Triumph IG Südwest e.V Group

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