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About Triumph IG Südwest e.V

The TRIUMPH IG Südwest (-Germany) was founded in November 1975 as a community of TR2/3/3A owners. The original motive was the preservation and maintenance of these types of vehicles (TR2-TR3 IG Südwest).
However, with the end of production of the TR6 the same situation arose for the TR4-TR6, so the TR2-TR3 IG Südwest opened for all TR types and adapted the name to TR IG Südwest.
From the initial 12 members the IG has grown to date to some 600 members, mainly located in the Cologne/Aachen, the Rhine/Main, Heidelberg and the Stuttgart areas.

Originally the IG was not an association with statutes and a board, but saw itself as a loosely organized community existing through the commitment and mutual support of its members. Because of increasing responsibility and legal requirements the IG was registered as an official Club in spring 1996 and became the TR IG Südwest e.V.

Our activities:
Events: 2-3 times per year we hold meetings in various parts of Germany for all our members. The spectrum ranges from sporty driving events including driver safety training and regularity tests to social gatherings - weekend events TR tours and visits, day trips as well as longer events. Our annual general meeting is held, traditionally, on the first weekend of November of each year.

Club Magazine: Our club magazine contains, on average, 80-100 pages and is published four times a year; it includes an events calendar, technical and general entertainment articles as well as a classified advertisement section. Club magazines are extremely popular and are free for all our members.

Internet: Our web site ( was re-designed in 2002 and received the Golden Mouse, (2nd place 2002) award.
Here you will find the latest TR IG information as well as a classified page for buying and selling, and an active Forum discussing many technical questions and solutions and other things to.

Spare parts supply: We maintain a spare parts depot for, mostly used, but also a few new parts, complimenting the parts offered by commercial traders. This Service is for members only.

Participation in events for classic sports cars: IG members who are also motor sports enthusiasts take part in various classic sports car competitions, to name just a few, the Eifel Classic, Histo Monte Carlo Rally, and the Triumph Competition (a race series for Triumph and MG cars built before 1972), and others.

Literature: Important when considering buying a TR are the three publications produced by the IG covering the history and the concise characteristics of each model as well as a comprehensive buyers guide highlighting all problem areas for the models TR2-TR3A, TR4-TR4A and TR5(250)-TR6. Each publication costs only € 5, 00 (including postage) and can be purchased from our online shop or from our office.

Our TR IG Metal grill badge and our TR IG pin can be purchased online under "spare parts".

Our TR connections and activities extend over our borders to foreign countries and to their TR enthusiasts.
The IG has many experienced members who are pleased to share their knowledge, give advice and help with tips and tricks. With our experience we support all old and new owners in restoring or rebuilding their vehicles.

We maintain a register of member's vehicles which includes the TR type, chassis number and year of manufacture.

Since 2008 the IG is corporative partner of the ADAC. The newly formed Historical Section of the ADAC provides us with an effective perception of our interests as seen by the law of our country, specific and federal Ministries and other organizations and associations which may affect the future of our classic cars.

To become a member of the TR IG Südwest there is no joining fee.
Annual membership subscription is € 35, 00 (€ 17, 50 if joining 1st July, or later, for that year). Subscriptions are payable in the first quarter of each year; failure to pay will invalidate the membership.

If you need advice, tips or ideas from other TR-owners or want to exchange experiences, or just want to see more than three TRs together – please contact us.
Just come along, without Obligation, to one of our "TR local group meetings" in Frankfurt, Essen, Neckar-Alb, Stuttgart, Cochem, Aachen, Rheingau, Wuerzburg or Southeast Bavaria/Munich.

Triumph IG Südwest e.V Group

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