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Our Members

Bernd Amling

A rare TR belongs to our member Bernd Amling from Eibelstadt,a regular visitor to the IWE over the last 20 years.
Malvern 2013 was the first trip in his newly "restored" TR 6 Shooting Brake - very rare car,indeed!
The 3 years conversion used a modified (original) TR 6 hardtop and bootlid.
This car has been widely covered in TRaction, 6-pack, TR-Driver and in the
Feb´14 -issue of "Classics Monthly".

Three Generations of the OTTO family,

Arwed 75, son Mike 48 and his son Michael 23 years share many years of Triumph knowhow and have many an interesting and amusing tale to tell.

Arwed joined the club in 1978 when he bought his TR3A, which he still owns today, now parked beside his very original TR2 (1954) and his TRS 928 HP which he bought from John Ames in 1998 and has since extensively restored to its original condition.
Arwed remembers the early days when he came to England to source parts for his 3A and met Dave Gleed who became a life time and dear friend who in recent time has admitted to Arwed that he actually tinkered with Arwed's TRS at LeMans back in 1960.

Son Mike has owned many TRs over the years; his present cars include a MORGAN +4 which boasts a TR engine, but also, the 2nd TRS in the OTTO family, 927 HP which he purchased in the US in 2008.

And Young Michael, well he didn't have a chance, having been surrounded by classic cars since the cradle, and being presented with a very nice early TR250 (CD 80 LO) by the rest of the OTTO family for his accomplished apprenticeship he is set to continue the family tradition.

Other classics in the OTTO Garages include an AC which raced in the 1961 LeMans 24hr., several Jaguars, and more.

Triumph IG Südwest e.V Group

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