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Thames Valley Group AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2019

The meeting was held on Sunday 3rd March at 'The Onslow Arms', West Clandon,
starting at 1:30pm. The meeting was attended by 27 members and their wives/partners and chaired by Jeff Roberts and the minutes were kindly taken by Janet Goswell.

1. Introduction by the Chairman Jeff Roberts representing the TR Register, as the SE Director, opened the meeting and welcomed everyone present.

2. Apologies for absence Received from Alan Warburton, Graham Johnson and Alan Travers

3. Minutes of the last meeting Minutes of the last AGM were accepted by Alan Charlwood, seconded by Peter Rocks and agreed unanimously.

4. Matters arising from the Minutes None

5. Group Leader's Report for 2018

If you can cast your minds back to January 2018, at the Annual Lunch, Pauline Warburton gave a
passionate appeal to everyone in the room, requesting that someone step forward to take the role of Group Leader. Everybody looked down at their shoes, including myself, as the role may have appeared somewhat daunting, and for everyone present life is already very busy.

I didn't say anything as I had thought about offering my services but without discussing it with Janet, I couldn't say anything.

But along came the AGM and there was yet again a silence when a request went out for a new leader. So, I put my hand up, and the look of relief on Mervyn & Carla's face, was palpable.

Peter Rocks made a very good point, that it was clear there were no power-hungry people in Thames Valley, clambering to take over the leadership.

Within TWO weeks two member left, as they lived closer to other groups – I was told. So we dropped from 103 members to 101, not a good start for a new leader...….However, Mervyn actually didn't know they existed. Which reflect the lack of quality data coming from the Register.

I attended a Group Leaders meeting at Gaydon where unfortunately Jeff wasn't able to attend, and found I was totally ignored by the management team. However, I did meet up with fellow GL's. I felt as though I had stepped back into a UK company back in the Seventies and that all that was missing was the oak panelling on the walls. Every GL said that the management team doesn't communicate to the GL's, thus making us feel somewhat redundant. As Wayne Scott told us about the latest web features, one GL told me, 70% of his members don't even have email.

Robin Powell saw the amount of Data and Presentations put up at the meeting and made the comment "All I can say is that Mervyn knew when to hand it over".

Talking about Data, along came GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation, which sent many people into apoplectic shock, with some falling on their swords and re writing the book. We in TVG took the view that protecting a person's information is something anyone should do, and so we signed and got on with it. Panic over

April saw a number of TVG members going off to the Spring Ball, in Chesterfield, this was followed by a very successful Drive it Day meeting at Parham House, where 186 cars turned up. Over 40 were Stags. I was volunteered, or should I say stitched up, into organising Drive it Day 2019…Perhaps they realised I was a newbie!

April started bringing some dark clouds for me, as a Prostate Blood test came in positive, followed in June by a pain in the chest resulting in two stents being fitted in my heart. Heart is running well and the Prostate is just being monitored. It brings it home to you when these things happen but you only have to talk to many people in the group to see that my problems are minor…..Let's just get on with Life.

May took us to the annual Tim's memorial run, where a large number of us went along with Shirley Harding to the Kent home of Charles Darwin. It is great to see Shirley continuing to be part of the group and for us all to spend a moment remembering our lost friend.

June brought us the TVG Summer Tour to Jersey and Britany, which went extremely well thanks to
organisation of Roger and Caroline. Alas without Janet, and I, due to my medical situation.

End of June brought us to the International at Lincoln, where Janet finally allowed me to lift things, and so Marquee, Table and BBQ were packed away in our Honda. Without Dave and Belinda its clear running the BBQ is hard work, but I did commit to helping out and it went extremely well, thanks to the company. We enjoyed everything however the Register lost money again through poor attendance figures.

During this time I became involved with the TVG flag pole, it wasn't a good relationship, in fact one that
frequently brought about periods of total frustration. I can liken it to the Basil Fawlty scene where he beats his Austin 1300 to death with a branch.

August, our usual busy period took us to Cranleigh where it decided to rain and the flag pole became a real bore.

The Capel show improved, the sun came out, and the flag pole fell down.

Janet & I attended CarFest, originally created by Chris Evans, with all proceeds going to the BBC Children in Need Charity. The Kennet Group organised a small exhibition of TR's, a maximum of about eight cars. If you want to attend in the future watch the Registers web site for invites and expect to have a very long day? For us it was great until the weather turned very wet.

Around the same time the Register went into melt down, with more people falling on their swords,
following the very sad situation regarding Darren Cummings. The fall-out from this affair is still being felt today and the final outcome will be published in the next few months. One shining light for us is that Jeff Roberts has become a Director and can now directly impact the Registers direction in the future.

Whilst this was going on the Register was awarded the Best Classic Car award, and TVG obtained 6 new members. So we are at about 108 members, to be verified when I can wade through the date coming from The Register. We are also a very active club and the amount of members coming to the Surrey Oaks is very high compared to other groups. Group sizes, across the UK, vary from 10 in the Isle of Wight to over 300 further north. Many of the groups don't have the level of turn out, we have in TVG, as was evident last weekend, with 25 cars. It's a testament to how well this group is supported.

As last summer started to fade a good crowd attended The Cobham Heritage Day.

Robin and Mervyn with Pat & Carla headed off to The European Meet in Germany.

The Autumn Colours run came with a great turn out and an excellent pub found in the country, made for a great day. Although Mother nature wasn't quite ready!

Kent and I put together the Calendar and since publication we have sold enough copies to make a small profit. Many thanks to all who have sent their pictures to me..

Finally - As winter fully arrived, the leaves fell off, the skies darkened….but were weren't unhappy,
especially with the new flag pole standing proud in the car park of the Surrey Oaks.

Hopefully 2019 will be a memorable year for hopefully better reasons.

II would like to end by thanking Mervyn, for his excellent handover, ongoing support and having the smartest garage in Surrey.

To Roger for his continuing efforts in getting us out and more importantly fed and watered.

Robin for his continuing help in being the main communicator to The Registers web site, and now for being the custodian of our BBQ.

Alan Charlwood for sitting in his counting house.

Alan Warburton for watching 'Sewing Bee' to get some inspirations for TVG outfits.

Neil Pinto who somehow can conjure up some words to feed the TR Action magazine, it's not easy I know.

6. Financial Report

Robin Powell accepted, and Mervyn Rogers seconded. Accounts were accepted.

7. Election of Officers

proposed by: Peter Rocks and seconded by Bob Menhennett

Dave Goswell as Group Leader,

Roger Humphries as Events Co-ordinator

Alan Charlwood as Treasurer Robin Powell as Website facilitator

Alan Warburton as Regalia

Neil Pinto – TR Action assistant

Kent Sandiford - Graphics

8. Other Business

. A thanks proposed by Bob Menhennett for all the hard work carried out by the committee.
. Drive it Day: Holycombe, Liphook around 140 Triumph cars expected. Vouchers to be issued for ALL
Triumphs on the day which can be used to obtain the discounted entrance fee. Raffle to be run on the day in aid of Renewable World charity which was proposed by Neil Pinto. Any donated gifts for the raffle can be brought along on the day by members. A representative from Holycombe will
present a trophy for 'Best Car' around the same time as the raffle is drawn. Volunteer marshalling
will be required on the day. A specific field has been allocated for our parking. Catering will be on
site but all picnics welcome. Wayne Scott will be bringing along the TS2 for the day.

. Buxton 7- 9 June; 50 cars expected, including 6 cars from TVG, to this Derbyshire Dales weekend.
. This will be followed by 8 TVG cars driving to Hexham, Northumberland for the TVG European trip, however this year became UK trip!

. Bryan Hirchfield mentioned the next Round Britain race will take place in 2020 if anyone is interested watch for the emails.

. TR Register's 50th year anniversary will take place in January 2020 over a weekend. It has been
proposed that 100 founder members will be invited to the event on Saturday and on Sunday the
event will be open to all members although at present the car park has a limit of 200 cars. Still under discussion.

. There will also be a celebration for TVG in June 2020 as we were the first club to be registered
followed by Kent then London. It was debated at the table as to where this should take place and
several members had put forward ideas. These ideas will be further discussed by the committee and will be taken into consideration.

. TR6 anniversary also takes place this year at Wroxall Abbey, Wroxall near Warwick. However, it was discussed that TVG may a organise a convoy from a starting point nearer the region. Currently this is in planning stages so again watch for forthcoming emails.
. Donnington Special for TR6's was mentioned by Mervyn Rogers which is 3 – 5 May 2019. Interested parties to sign up via the Register. This event is likened to Festival of Speed.

Jeff Roberts summed up by firstly explaining that it had been a difficult previous year with the issues that had arisen within the Register. The 'Board' is no longer and now known as the 'Management Team' of the car club. The team has discussions about the preservation, going forward, of the Triumph marque and adding further value with the inclusion of all GL's. Currently minutes of meetings are very tardy which makes life difficult for members to be aware of outcomes/changes that have been put into practice. A 'spares fund' has now been set up as it has now been quite obvious that parts are more difficult to come by. This is the cusp of a generational change and we need to encourage new members to come on board.

. Awards presented to:

Mervyn Rogers for 'Attendance' and 'Black Horse'

Roger Hogarth for 'Engineering' award

Pat Powell received the 'Rubber Duck' for best convoy

Bryan/Paul Hirchfield for the 'Tim Harding' award

. Dave Goswell thanked Jeff Roberts for chairing the meeting.

Jeff Roberts concluded the meeting at 14:30.

David Goswell Group Leader TVG

Thames Valley Group

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