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Stoke Group: Pots Pits and Peak Weekend 20th - 23rd July 2018

Stoke Group:  Pots Pits and Peak Weekend 20th - 23rd July 2018


STOKIE 'POTS, PITS & PEAK' WEEKENDER, - Cars, Kilns & Fun – A TR event with a difference.

20th to 23rd July 2018 Based in Stoke on Trent.


Now I have got your attention, just read on a little more and you may find that this 'TR' event with a bit of a difference may be something that you and yours will enjoy. It's a visit to an urban location rather than a countryside venue with all the differences that, that will entail. Oh yes, and everybody will call you 'Duck' !

In December 2017 Stoke on Trent missed out on becoming the UK City of Culture for 2021, it lost out to Coventry, the home of our beloved cars so I suppose it wasn't all bad. However, we as a group believe that Stoke on Trent does have something to offer TR Register members and so we have put together a 'City of Culture' visit all of our own!

It's not an obvious place to come and visit with your TR, however, if you like Industrial heritage, crocs (our name for ceramics) and superb roads, (yes, really!) and good company, you just might enjoy our Stokie weekend.

We have arranged visits to a number of factory outlets where we will go on tours to see how the 'crocs' are made. We are in negotiation with Wedgwood ( } and Middleport Pottery ( ) where the TV series 'Great British throw down' was filmed and home to Burleighware.

We are located very close to the 'Peak District' and have arranged runs out on some fantastic roads, taking in some historic places of interest.

It is our intention to entertain those of you who come along, but there will also be the opportunity to learn a little more about the places, people, and history of the area along the way.

We will be arranging a 'deal' at a local hotel chain for the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, however we will try to make things flexible and anyone interested can opt 'in' or 'out' of any nights or parts of the event to suit their needs.

This is just a taster to help us gauge the interest and put in place the resources to support our event, so, If you are interested please send a mail to , Event Coordinator in the first instance.

We have not set a limit on numbers as yet, however it will be on a 'first come, first served' basis

We look forward to hearing from you (duck) ………

Stoke on Trent Group

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