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Follow up to Shropshire Group Meeting Tuesday 15th October

Follow up to Shropshire Group Meeting Tuesday 15th October


Autumn Run - Sunday 3rd November

I been pushing you for a decision as to visiting Powis Castle gardens or Coed-y-dinas. But this really doesn't matter. The driver was to save £1.50 a head at Powis for non-National Trust members. With the potential for adverse weather, adaptability must be the key consideration. Therefore, you can decide on the day - almost up to the point of turning off the Roundabout towards Welshpool , where you wish to go. We can cope with some members going to Powis Castle and others going to Coed-y-dinas. You never knew I was so flexible!

The important thing, however, is that those of you who want lunch to have communicated your choices to either Helen or me. If you have not yet done so would you please be good enough let us know as soon as possible.

The Turkey Trot - Sunday 1st December

David tells me that many of you gave him your food order on Club Night. Thanks a lot for that. If you haven't already done so, would you please contact David as soon as possible as we need to pass details on to Haughton Hall.

The Autobarn, Rosehill Industrial Estate, Market Drayton

Reg Holding reported that he had recently taken his TR6 to The Autobarn for a session on their rolling road - see flyer attached. The results more than justified the tweaking he had done - in fact the car is now possibly performing better than when it left Canley! Autobarn have offered to run an open day for us, run your car on their rolling road and give us refreshments. This is likely to take place early next year. A number of Stoke Group members have registered their interest. If you wish to take part, please let Reg know on 07866 341480. Autobarn will not make any adjustments but they will give you a starting point - or finishing point as the case may be. There will be, of course, the usual disclaimers regarding rolling roads.

Group Structure

Over the last few years the Group has been organised by:

    * Myself as Joint Group Leader and Group Secretary

    * David as Joint Group Leader

    *Stuart as Group Treasurer

However the Group is now much busier with more members wishing to take part in Group Events as well as Members of other Groups wishing to join us.. For example, whilst our Social Runs continue to be popular, the Open Road Runs that have been introduced over the past couple of years, have proved to be very successful. This is indicative of the need for us to offer you more events and ones of a more varied nature.

As a result, David, Stuart and I have invited three Members to help with the organisation of the Group. These are:

    *Peter Napier as Web Manager (a role he currently holds) and Events Coordinator

    *Greg Washington as Events Coordinator

    *Gordon Grant as Events Coordinator

You will see that each has had experience in organising runs and events for the Group. This will enable us to plan more accurately for 2020 and to spread the workload more equitably.

Whilst I appreciate that you have not been involved in this decision, we will be asking for you to ratify it at The Group's AGM in February and elect Peter, Gordon and Greg to office in these roles.

If you have any queries regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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