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Talk by Stuart Harrold - 17th October 2019

Talk by Stuart Harrold - 17th October 2019

Stuart regaled us with stories of his time as a rally co-driver, mostly alongside Graham Elsmore in a variety of cars including Ford Escorts and the thundering Works TR7 V8s. He recalled how the TR7 averaged 3.5 mpg on the rally stages which gave them a range of just 40 miles on a full tank of petrol, so had to arrange clandestine fuel drops of a couple of jerry cans in pre-arranged hiding places, which cost them time in having to refuel, but was a necessity to keep them in the running. Things didn't always go well and he talked of a rally in Ireland where the route took them through a farm yard where

spilt diesel fuel caused them to spin and collide violently with a huge tree stump causing considerable damage including ripping out the whole of the rear axle assembly. The lady who lived at the farm came out to survey the scene and commented on what awful drivers they must be as the Postman manages to negotiate the yard every day without incident. The amusing stories were numerous and we thank Stuart for giving up his time to come and talk to us.

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