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Tech Talk

Steering Wheels - Safety Issue

If you have fitted a new steering wheel recently or plan to do so please follow this link to a page on the TR Register Technical Forum for your own safety:

Steering Wheel Safety

The rims of some steering wheel rims have parted company with the steering wheel hubs. This is not an isolated incident.

Bob Sackley - June 2017

TR6 HighTorque Starter Motor

Feeling a bit rash I put on a Powerlite high torque starter and here is why I use Revington TR. For a start, the nut would not run down the captive mounting bolt as delivered by Powerlite as it was damaged, but more seriously there wasn't enough thread on the captive bolt to tighten the starter against the bellhousing. So a trip to the Somerset levels and all was fixed. They are now opening the other motors in stock and fixing them as well.

Dave Green - May 2017

TR5 Slow Running

This is a Technical Modification carried out on the TR5 standard air filter. Having problems with slow running Derek came up with this ploy to overcome issues with the car. It has transformed running at all speeds.

Derek Roberts - April 2017

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