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Brunel Newsletter No 198 - March 2018

Brunel Newsletter No 198 - March 2018

Group Leader Ramblings

Just a reminder it is our AGM this Wednesday 21 March, I have received no nominations for any of the posts available so we will hold elections for the current post holders.

Social Reports of Recent Events

The Exeter Trial – 6 January 2018

Eric Batty was the only Brunel soul brave enough to take on the Exeter trial, and after reading this I'm not surprised.

An invitation was issued for TR register members to compete in the Exeter Trial by the M.C.C. as guest members, and they now had a new class for classic cars which did not include the very difficult sections which could damage the car. The alternative sections would be mainly on tarmac and suitable for classic sports cars. I entered the event and my son Chris agreed to drive, a new experience for him as he had never competed in such an event before.

The car had to be prepared for the event in line with M.S.A. regulations as they cover the insurance but for the TR it was just fitting a reversing light, fire extinguisher, competition number holder and a few other adjustments. We set off from Bristol reasonably happy with our preparations and arrived at Haynes Museum at midnight for scrutineering and the start. My only objective was to finish the trial at Torquay as our hotel rooms and the club's gala dinner was booked and paid for, 186 miles later according to the route instructions. I had not read them before the start so not being familiar with the terminology we immediately got lost and on narrow country roads at 3 am it was not easy to find our way back on to the route. The first special section we approached at 4 am, and were behind 6 competitors waiting to clear the section. Delays were due to another section being too close so we were waiting for cars to clear both sections. The approach was on a very steep incline and it took almost 20 minutes to get to the start by which time the car was beginning to misfire, fortunately we cleared the section but could only put the misfire down to petrol starvation on the front carburettor as we were so long on the incline with the engine running. We did not keep the engine running when stopped on steep inclines and had no further misfire incidents.

To make navigation easier the best way was to follow another competitor, which we did, and cleared the next two sections. But by following one who was in a different class was not a wise move as we missed our sign and ended up at a difficult section not for us and had to turn around, and meeting competitors head on in the narrow lanes was embarrassing. The next encounter was on a sharp bend which was flooded and we couldn't see how far the water was around the bend. A car had turned around and he said he wasn't going to risk getting stuck, however we decided to risk it and relief to get to dry land but a TR is not watertight so we were now suffering wet feet. The route took us across Dartmoor and our next hill was Windout, there was a ford at the bottom, so again, more wet feet. We had to stop on the steepest part of the hill and pull away but it was so slippery that when we stopped the car slid backwards and trying to pull away just wheel spin with the car still going backwards. Reversing to the bottom the car made it eventually to the top without stopping but struggled.

We finished the trial at Torquay clocking 230 miles 21hours after leaving Bristol the car running well and no damage achieving our objective. We both enjoyed the event and looking forward to the Lands End trial at Easter.

Eric Batty

Quiz Night – 21 February 2018

Derek Roberts kindly offered to organise a quiz night for the February monthly meeting.And the winners were ….. Bob and Ginny Sackley.Congratulations.What a great quiz night that was, thank you Derek for putting it on for us. We learnt a lot about the British coast through some rather clever cryptic clues, and had some good banter on just how far inland can a coastal town be! Great fun.

Elf (left) presents the prize to Ginny.

Brunel Lunch on Mendip – Sunday 18 March 2018

Well, we nearly had a social report for March but with three inches of snow on the Mendips and more snow falling Bob Sackley decided to postpone the event for three weeks in the hope of better weather to come.The event remains unchanged except for the date, so it is the same time, same place, same menu, just a new date of 8 April.

I understand Bob's phone line was on meltdown as he called all 29 members on Sunday morning, but everyone was caught in time.

Some 20 of the original 29 have already confirmed they are OK for 8 April and at least 2 more who couldn't make 18 March have confirmed for 8 April.

Anyone else in the group can still attend but please send the booking form at the end of this newsletter to Bob by next Sunday 25 March.Details below.

Brunel Events Coming Up

AGM – 21 March 2018

The AGM will be held at the Jubilee Inn on 21 March 2018.Please let me have any items for the agenda you wish to raise and nominations for the following posts as soon as possible.The meeting will take place in the main dining area of the Jubilee Inn.

The posts for election by TR Register Brunel Group members are:

  • 1.Group Leader
  • 2.Treasurer
  • 3.Social Secretary
  • 4.Membership Secretary

Brunel Lunch on Mendip – Sunday 8 April 2018

Bob & Ginny invite you to join them for 'Lunch on Mendip' at


At 12.00 for 12.30 on Sunday 18 March 2018

For those of you that have not already discovered this venue, it is tucked away among some commercial premises at Rookery Farm, approximately 2 miles south east along the B3135 from its junction with the A39 at Green Ore / The Ploughboy Inn. The OS Map Ref. is Sheet 183, ST 603 482. Postcode BA3 4UL.

The restaurant is run by Paul Hartley who is the author of several culinary guides and who prides himself with providing a personal service using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. He has owned several classic cars in the past and he particularly welcomes visits by individual cars or groups.

In view of the vagaries of the Mendip weather in March, this will be a purely social function. If the weather is fine, please bring your Triumph, if not, then you will not be frowned upon for turning up in your 'Eurobox'.

Please use the form to indicate your menu choices and send with your cheque in favour of Brunel TRs to: Bob & Ginny Sackley, 2 Home Close, Wrington, BS40 5PX. (Tel. 01934 862672) to arrive by Fri. 02 March. We have reserved 20 places, so book early!

The booking form is near the back of this newsletter, see you there.

There is a TR4a nearing completion of a very thorough rebuild by Richard Lyons the resident at Rookery Farm, maybe we will get a glimpse.

Other Classic Car Events Coming Up

Redhill Classic Car & Motorcycle Breakfast Gatherings 9am - 11am

Dates for 2018 are:

Sunday 25th March

Sunday 20th May (Charity Event)

Sunday 7th October

Redhill Classic Car & Motorcycle BBQ Gatherings 7pm - 10pm

Dates for 2018 are:

Thursday 17th May

Thursday 21st June

Thursday 19th July

Thursday 16th August

TR Track Day – Wednesday 4 April 2018

Kev Bryant has announced the date for the next TR Register TR Track Day at Castle Combe.It will be held on Wednesday 4 April 2018, further details to follow.Fettling now complete, and I've hardened up the front Koni's.

A new feature this year is a taster session in the afternoon with the chance to have a couple of hours on the track with a large discount.The only problem I see is that if you try it you will get hooked, and no doubt will be back for a full day next year.

TR Register Spring Ball – 06 to 08 April 2018

This hugely popular event is back by popular demand and with limited spaces is set to sell out quickly so don't delay! A TR Register goodie bag will be presented to each couple on arrival.

Friday – A variety of ideas for local attractions and walks for early arrivals, two course buffet dinner in the evening followed by an international award winning entertainer.

Saturday – Huge buffet breakfast, organised TR runs through the Peak District plus guided visits to local attractions and walking routes such as Chatsworth House and Haddon Hall.

The evening offers a Black Tie Dinner commencing with a Champagne reception plus a three course meal including wine followed by tea or coffee. Following the dinner you can dance to live music with all the classic songs from the 50's, 60's and 70's.

Sunday – Another sumptuous locally produced buffet breakfast followed by a trip to a local attraction before departing for home.

Drive It Day – TR Register Event – Sunday 22 April 2018

Derek Hurford, the TR Register Director for Southern England has arranged a group of groups event where each group can meet up at the Haynes Motoring Museum to create a mass TR gathering.We can either make our own way there or travel down as a group.Museum entry fee is £12.50, parking is £3.50 refundable with a museum ticket, and a meal package is £28 including museum entry and parking.Please let Derek Hurford know if you are going, his contact details are and mobile 07542 596718.I will probably be there for breakfast but most will probably be there for 11.00.

Drive It Day – LIONS BRIMAR Run – Sunday 22 April 2018

This Drive It Day event has been supported by Brunel Group members for a number of years and raises a good sum of money for charity

It all started in 2007 when Brian & Mary Curtis arranged a small gathering of classic and vintage cars inside Clarks Village to raise funds for the Childrens Hospice CHSW.

In 2016 the Clevedon Lions Club took over the running of this event, and they continue to support CHSW as well as the Great Western Air Ambulance and Lions Club charities.The booking form is at the end of this newsletter.

Aerospace Bristol – Thursday 24 May 2018

Derek Roberts is organising a trip to Aerospace Bristol for us.I think the plan is to meet in the café for lunch and tour the museum afterwards.Details to follow.The café offers a delicious range of freshly-made light meals, snacks and drinks, served throughout the day.

Starting in the earliest days of powered flight, Aerospace Bristol will whisk you away on an immersive journey through more than a century of incredible aviation achievements and fascinating tales of human endeavour.

From bold pioneers taking to the skies in their magnificent flying machines, to the remarkable men and women who played their part in two world wars, to those who dreamed a seemingly-impossible dream of supersonic travel: then created the iconic Concorde to turn that dream into reality.

Your journey takes you from the beginnings of the British and Colonial Aeroplane Company in 1910 all the way through to the modern day, where you will explore cutting-edge technology, and look ahead to an exciting future, discovering how the next generation of engineers will continue to push aerospace technology to new heights and reach for the stars.

A visit to Aerospace Bristol is a chance to travel through the decades, enjoy fun interactives and amazing exhibits - including aeroplanes, helicopters, missiles, satellites, engines and more - and immerse yourself in a story of ordinary people achieving extraordinary things.

Prescot Hilclimb – Sunday 10 June 2018

Another one for the small band of owners who like to drive their cars with a bit of spirit.Details on p44 of TR Action issue 303, it is an event held in association with the E Type register.In short, we have 5 untimed runs up the hill for £50 plus £5 for any brave passengers.I have taken our daughter and son-in-law up in the past, I think they enjoyed it.Gates open 09.00 first run 10.00.

Please note there are two errors in TR Action, the contact is and the date is Sunday 10 June.

Classic Car Show – Shepton Mallet – 16 to 17 June 2018

Initial call for interest, display car(s), and volunteers.Could you please let me know if you can volunteer a car or some time.So far Bob Sackley and Derek Roberts have offered to man the stand on Sunday.Mario Hickley (Somerset Group Leader) isn't over run with volunteers so we may be looking for two cars.It would be really good to have a TR7 or TR8 this year.

Bath Festival of Motoring – 16 – 17 June 2018

Clashing with Shepton Mallet again.If you are going could you please contact Roddy.

Classic Le Mans 2018 – 6 to 8 July 2018

2018 is another Classic Le Mans year.At least two of the group are going over for this one.A few places still available through TSSC.

It will be held on the Grand Circuit 24 Hours of Le Mans. At the last event in 2016, more than 123.000 spectators saw nearly 550 race cars on the track and 8.500 cars in the general enclosure specially designed to accommodate 180 clubs representing 60 brands!

Paul Hogan – Regional Metings 7 May and 2 June 2018

Paul says: When I was elected Chairman in my manifesto I promised to try and put on some regional meetings. Well this year we have arranged meetings at two venues in order to see how they are received by the membership.The first of these will be held at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon on Monday May 7th. As its bank holiday Monday, Gaydon will be hosting their annual Vintage Steam Fair and so there will be much more to see and do. Details of this will be in the event section of the website and in the TR Action. The entry price is £9.00 per person, payable on the day.

The other regional meeting is going to be held at Beaulieu, the National Motor Museum on Saturday June 2nd. For those that don't know, Beaulieu is home to several land speed record cars including the iconic Bluebirds. Details for this event will again be in the event section of the website and in the TR Action. You will be able to purchase tickets for this event via the TR Register Club Shop. The entry price per ticket is Adult £18.00, Children (Age 5-17) £7.50.

The club has negotiated excellent discounts at both venues which represent a considerable saving on normal gate prices. We hope to see as many of the midland and southern area TR groups at these venues as possible so please ask your members to support these new events. Feel free to contact either myself, Paul Tunnadine, Derek Hurford or Terry Smith if you require more information.

Technical Talk

Too cold to tinker!

For Sale

TR3A – John Dresser

It has a replacement chassis, replacement rear axle, gearbox rebuilds (last one by Kevin Savage), engine rebuild, complete new electrics with option to swap from alternator to dynamo, rally seats, etc. It has a soft top, tonneau, metal hard top and aero-screens + a spare set of wire wheels. Currently it's in very good, near immaculate condition, body and mechanics, although not concourse. It is not your average/standard restored TR3. Please contact me for more details.


Stainless Steel Wheel Trim for TR6

If anyone has a Stainless Steel Wheel Trim for TR6 going spare could you please let me know.

Sidescreen TR

David Radford is looking for a sidescreen TR, if you are looking to sell I will put you in touch.


One of the group is considering buying a TR8, preferably one of the original UK ones, but I think he will consider a good conversion.I don't know of one in the group but if anyone has one to sell please let me know and I'll put you in touch.


There is a TR Register member looking for a good TR5.If you know of one looking for a new home please contact the TR Register office.

That's it for this month, see you Wednesday.


Brunel TRs Group

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