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Brunel Newsletter No 195 - December 2017

Brunel Newsletter No 195 - December 2017

Group Leader Ramblings

Just a trilogy of four things this month:

  • 1.Unlike some other TR Register Groups we do hold a December group meeting, usual place, usual time, plus a mince pie this month.
  • 2.I would just like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.I look forward to seeing you again in 2018.
  • 3.The 2018 diary is starting to come together as later in the newsletter.
  • 4.A couple of people have recently asked for a list of Brunel members to help with contacting members and whilst I have one from the TR Register Office I cannot share it around because of data protection.However, I can share a trimmed down list if individual members agree, and I have reinstated the list I used to include in the newsletter.If you are happy to be included I'll add you on and use the data I have from the Office, if you could include any TRs you admit to owning I'll include them as well.Please also let me have any updates or deletions.

Social Reports of Recent Events

Christmas Dinner

Many thanks to Elf for organising another great Christmas dinner for us at Walton Park, we all seemed to have a really good time, and it was great to see so many.The feedback Elf and I had was very positive and it was seen as a definite improvement over last year's venue, so much so that Elf has made a provisional booking for 8 December 2018.

Many thanks to Elf on behalf of the Group.

Brunel Events Coming Up

Brunel Lunch on Mendip – Sunday 18 March 2018

Bob and Ginny have kindly offered to arrange a lunch out for us in March.They arranged something similar for the Classic and Historic Motor Club this year and had a very good turnout.Further details to follow.

Other Classic Car Events Coming Up

Great Western Classic Car Show, Shepton Mallet – 10 and 11 February 2018

The first big show of the year.Whilst a few members are likely to go there wasn't much enthusiasm to pitch up and stand around in freezing halls for two days.The Vale of White Horse Group may be having a run over one of the days, I'll let you know if they go ahead.

Drive It Day – Sunday 22 April 2018

Derek Hurford, the TR Register Director for Southern England is planning a group of groups event where each group can either arrange their own run, or join in with another group,with the aim of groups of groups all reaching a single finishing point to create a mass TR gathering.He recognises all the Southern groups are too widespread to congregate at a single point but maybe three or four across the southern counties is practical.We could tie up with Glavon, Kennet, Somerset, and/or Devon for example.All feedback gratefully received.

TR Track Day – Friday 4 May 2018

Kev Bryant has announced the date for the next TR Register TR Track Day at Castle Combe.It will be held on Friday 4 May 2018, further details to follow.I'd better start fettling soon.

Classic Le Mans 2018

2018 is another Classic Le Mans year.At least two of the group are going over for this one.

It will be held 6, 7 and 8 July 2018 on the Grand Circuit 24 Hours of Le Mans. At the last event in 2016, more than 123.000 spectators saw nearly 550 race cars on the track and 8.500 cars in the general enclosure specially designed to accommodate 180 clubs representing 60 brands!

Technical Talk

Just a thought on MoTs

My TR6 failed it's MoT on two points today and had three advisories.

  • 1.The horn was working when I serviced the car back in spring, but has clearly stopped working since.Just ordered a set of noisy Fiamm air horns like I had on my TR4a in the 70's.They were the thing to have then so why not now.
  • 2.The driver's headlamp was considered to be pointing too low.It was the tester's judgement and fair enough it is set low, so I'll change it.I'll confess to being more worried about the lack of candle power but he was OK with that and says it is normal for these old lights.I suppose being used to driving behind a set of modern LED headlamps shows how much technology has moved on in 47 years.

The advisories were:

  • 1.A top wishbone bush is starting to look a bit tired.Maybe Revington polybushes soon but rubber for now so I can go for a retest before I have to pay for a full test again.Although we weren't sure what date the 10 working day allowance to get a free retest ends due to Christmas.
  • 2.The steering wasn't as loose as it should be with the car off the ground.Keep lubricating things till it frees up I guess.
  • 3.The offside wheel wobbles more than the nearside, I measured end float at 0.003 on a dial gauge in May, but If the man says it's wobbling I'll tighten it a bit.

No drama and nothing more than I might expect.The point I wanted to make was that I think I look after my car reasonably well, OK maybe not as well as you, but for a relatively small sum of money relative to the value I place on my life, an expert has given it a good look over, found a few good points I had missed, and in a couple of weeks when he signs it off (hopefully) I'll be confident it is a safe car to drive.Why would I not want to do that again next year.MoTs will not be compulsory in May and we can choose what sort of check, if any, we want carried out.I think I just decided.

For Sale

TR3 – Andy Spencer


TR6 – Tony Luffman


Wire Wheels

Elf has some 4J wire wheels that are surplus to requirements and wishes to sell them.Please call Elf on 07969 191168.

TR3A – Ken Banks


TR3A – John Dresser

It has a replacement chassis, replacement rear axle, gearbox rebuilds (last one by Kevin Savage), engine rebuild, complete new electrics with option to swap from alternator to dynamo, rally seats, etc. It has a soft top, tonneau, metal hard top and aero-screens + a spare set of wire wheels. Currently it's in very good, near immaculate condition, body and mechanics, although not concourse. It is not your average/standard restored TR3. Please contact Dave Green for more details - contact details below.


Sidescreen TR

David Radford is looking for a sidescreen TR, if you are looking to sell I will put you in touch.


One of the group is considering buying a TR8, preferably one of the original UK ones, but I think he will consider a good conversion.I don't know of one in the group but if anyone has one to sell please let me know and I'll put you in touch.

That's it for this month, see you Wednesday – with mince pies.


Brunel's officers and contact details

Group Leader/Webmaster

Dave Green

mobile: 07772 330220

tel: 01934 811711

email :


Roddy Halliwell

mobile:07768 322982


Social Committee Co-ordinator

Elf Harris

tel: 0117 9082155

mobile: 07969 191168


Membership Secretary

Bob Sackley

tel: 01934 862672


Brunel TRs Group

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