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Brunel at the Autumn Classic

Brunel at the Autumn Classic

Another good turnout for this wonderful show of motoring history on the track. Tim Carr and I didn't partake this year to give others a bit of a chance, but we could see Tony Luffman eyeing up the track for his supercharged TR4 which is now starting to bed in after such a major rework.

We booked 6 spaces but managed to have 7 on the stand somehow! Being parked next to Glavon we jointly put on a great show of the Triumph TRs over the years.

The covered display was as good as ever with a Ferrari 512 owned by Nick Mason (he showed his 250 GTO last year - whatever next?), several Formula 1 racing cars, and a rather good jazz band. All of them just parked up for us to walk around and admire, no ropes, no heavies. They all came out for some track time as well, and no, they didn't just poodle around, they were going for it, and I saw 3 abreast going into a chicane at one point which they all survived.

Club Avenue covered a number of the major with Lotus (56 cars), Triumph (38 cars), and Riley (28 cars) being the largest.

The racing was as exciting as ever with the Jaguars really showing what they are made of, with one of them sadly showing parts that shouldn't be seen after his XK made contact with something solid.

Can't wait for the next one.

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