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Revington TR Open Day

Revington TR Open Day

Another strong turnout to support our local TR specialist and lots of photos in the gallery.

Bob and Ginny came in their trusty red TR4a, Tim was in his green TR4a, Rob and Tony in Tony's TR250, and Dave G in his new (46 year old) blue TR6.

How many TR men can you get under a TR250 bonnet - all of them - photo in the gallery! It may have only been a tiny squeak but when a bonnet is up we all enjoy a good look around and like to swap ideas on what works well for future reference on our own cars. I'm not sure we drew any conclusions on the squeak though.

The Revington rolling road demonstration was an interesting insight into how to maximise your horsepower or achieve those extra few miles per gallon. As an added bonus this year the coffee, cakes, and biscuits were supplemented by sausage rolls, but they went pretty quickly when Tony and Dave spotted them.

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