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Castle Combe Track Day

Castle Combe Track Day

Tim Carr in his TR4a and Dave Green in his TR6 met again at Castle Combe to do battle on the track with Roddy, Andy Dall, another Dave and others providing support - (Must get a members page sorted with Bob Sackley to help with the names!). This was another well organised event with 10 cars running every quarter of an hour. Tim was in Group A with the TR3s and TR4s, and Dave was in Group B with the TR5s and TR6s. Group C was mainly Dolomites, and Group D mainly TR7s and TR8s. You can run in as many or as few of your quarter hour slots as you like, it is very informal and great fun. You can drive as fast or as slow as you wish, it isn't a race (so we were told!) so there is no timing and there are no prizes.

By the middle of the day drivers and cars were taking more breaks and Tim and Dave took the opportunity to take to the track together. Dave was in front of Tim as the cars streamed onto the circuit but was caught napping as Tim floored the throttle and roared off in a move that Lewis Hamilton would have been proud of. Avon Rise and Quarry are not to be messed with so Tim kept his lead ahead of Dave, the pair continued apace passing several others over the laps. They came across a rather stubborn TR7 V8 but in the end the pair insisted on getting past keeping in their Tim/Dave formation to the end. Dave said he didn't want to push too hard with his new toy and Tim said he didn't want to push too hard ahead of his trip to France for the Classic Le Mans. Both are looking forward to the 2017 Track Day.

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