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Abbott & Stour Report - TR Action 332 - October 2021

Just returned form the Triumph and MG Weekend at Malvern, what a great weekend and a BIG thank you to all involved in making it such a success. I do not know how Wayne thinks we can have enough time to read the magazine on a picnic blanket (From the Press Office in 331) as I needed to be in three places at once to see everything. As usual there was something to interest you at all times with the added advantage of new cars and faces thanks to the MG Car Club and TSCC. This format, I believe, has really paid dividends and hopefully, will be repeated. I managed to make a couple of purchases but these paled against that of my brother-in-law who attended a Citroen national meeting and came away with a second hand cooker - are our autojumblers missing a trick!

Our previous Club night was the annual boules competition which was won by new member Iain Grant who managed to suppress his embarrassment in being handed the prize of a string of garlic. His under arm, hand over the ball action spoke of much practice on the continent. Entering into the spirit of the evening was Vince showing a certain sartorial style in beret, striped t shirt and having a baguette hanging from his belt. Great to see him accompanied by his nephew, Oliver - pity you sold your other 4 Vince, as I am sure it would have been a great Christmas present for him to get into TR’s and The Youth Group.

As we can now meet again with fewer restrictions I had to laugh at the sight of the very elegant young lady (think of Grace Kelly but without the elbow length white gloves) driving past me in her open top Mercedes sports car whilst wearing a mask.

Anyway, I hate to mention the C word this early in the year, I shall refer to it as the Seasonal Meal which will be a break with tradition.
It will still be at The Manger, Bradfield Combust, IP30 0LW on Sunday 19th of December, 12.00 midday for 12.15 sit down.

The reasons for this departure are that, we will be able to get there in the light and also leave (hopefully) whilst still light. If the weather is good this means that you may be able to use your TR, and I hope that this may encourage members from further afield to join us. As most of us are members of more than one club it may be one less late night of driving in weather conditions that are not ideal for TR’s. We are able to have the separate restaurant which has a maximum capacity of 35 - that’s 17 TR,s and someone who wants to make friends). So, in order to get the ball rolling can you please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to attend and then I can post you the menu’s which I should be picking up at next Club night.

That is it for the moment, keep a look out for the Round Robins as I do hope to get some runs out organised soon.

Forthcoming Events:

  1. Club nights as usual-2ndTuesday of the month at The manger

  2. Ch- woops sorry forgot, Seasonal Meal19th December midday at The Manger

Stewart Hurrell, 01787-282176,

Iain Grant receives Boules Award
Iain's Masterfull Technique.

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