Local Links

The following are services available locally, they are not recommendations. If you want know experiences from members please contact the Group.

CAR PAINT www.carspaints.com

WELDING GAS abbeymotorfactorsltd

MEDIA BLASTING www.jtfs.co.uk

MEDIA BLASTING www.blastpowerservices.co.uk

ENGINE SERVICES www.scholarengines.co.uk

ENGINE SERVICES www.elbengineering.co.uk

ENGINE AUX. ELECTRICS www.carelectricsuk.co.uk

EXHAUST FABRICATION www.demandengineering.co.uk

BRAKE & CLUTCH www.pastparts.co.uk


TRIMMER www.howardsands-vehicleupholsterer.co.uk

TRIMMER www.coveriteupholstery.co.uk

TYRES Glemsford-tyres

BATTERIES www.carbatteriessuffolk.co.uk (Vulcan Batteries)

DISCOUNT TOOLS www.equitechsolutions.co.uk

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