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Our Cars

Group Members who would like their car added to this page should email a photo to Vince Baker

Stewart & Sally Hurrell

Group Leader - 2017 - Current

Joined Group 2000

TR6 Blue 1973. Manvers supplied car 2014. Awarded at TR International 2017.

Peter & Maureen Hudspith

Show Coordinator

Joined Group 1985

TR4 Conifer Green 1964. Home restoration completed by Peter in 1985. Multiple award winner.

Peerless Red 1959. Home restoration completed by Peter in 2000. Multiple award winner

David & Irene Tydeman

Joined Register 1978. David - Group Leader 2015-2017. Irene - Group Leader 2006 -2011


Bob & Pat Bell

April Showers and Quiz Night Co-ordinator

Joined Group 2001


Robin & Rosie Easlea

Autum Leaves Co-ordinator

Joined Group 2000.

TR6 Blue 1970. Home restoration completed by Robin in 2000

John Reid & Linsey

Joined Group 2000

TR6 Red 1970. Home restoration completed by John in 2000

Iain Grant

Joined Group 2021

TR6 1970 TR6

Abbott and Stour Group

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