Newsletter (Round Robin) December 2020

Newsletter (Round Robin) December 2020

Hello there everyone and hope you are all well and can have as good a Christmas as the restrictions allow.
I have had to take (or rather have it forced upon me) the decision to cancel this year’s Christmas meal at the Manger which was scheduled for Dec 18th. This is due to the fact that whilst we are in Tier 2 it would not be viable and we cannot guarantee that we would be in Tier 1 by the 18th, or, indeed what we will be able to do after the 16th of December. This is a real pity as the Manger are doing everything that they can to ensure safe social distancing in the premises, indeed Sally and I had a meal there today which was excellent. Hopefully we can continue to do this on a Thursday lunchtime at about 12.45 booking is essential.

Talking of the Manger this will be the venue for the Area’s belated 50th Register celebration next year on Sunday 25th of July when we should have TS2 with us as the main attraction. Our Group will have the car on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th and it is my intention to have it based at The Manger on the 26th for members to come and have a good look at it and also, if they wish, to drive it. Numbers for driving will be limited so first come first served. You will need to be over 30, a Register member and have completed a driver form for the Register's insurance. If you would like to do this let me know as I have the forms. On Tuesday I would like to do the same thing but this time in the Ipswich/Woodbridge area for our members there. If you live in that area and know of a suitable venue, ideally a pub/restaurant with a large car park, easy road access do let me know.

Unless anyone has any strong objections it is my intention to defer the AGM, which would normally take place in January until such time as we can meet - hopefully with the imminent vaccines this will not be too long coming.

And finally what do the adverts really mean.
  • All New - parts are not interchangeable with previous design.
  • Redesigned - previous problems fixed, we hope.
  • Futuristic - why does it look like that
  • Maintenance Free - impossible to repair


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