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Abbott & Stour Report - TR Action 326 - December 2020

Last report was written on the eve of the “rule of 6’, this one on the eve of the “second lock-down” is it me? This group seems to be at 6’s and 7’s at present as they seem to be the most numerous models being worked on, although a couple of 4’s are receiving serious attention. Vince in particular is undertaking some serious delving into tyre sizes for his 4 as this involves computing cross ply to radial sizes, with a different size wheel thrown in, just to make it interesting!

These are very strange times which do seem to have affected the way we use our cars. Pre-covid it was the daily driver modern car that was used for shopping and the TR for the 80 mile round trip for a coffee or the 100 miles for fish and chips at Felixstowe. Now, with non essential travel being a no-no I am using the TR for the shopping trips just to get the wheels turning and yes you can get a ‘click and collect’ in the boot although the bulk cat food and toilet rolls are behind the seats. A lot of other people seem to be doing this as the number of classics on the road has definitely increased, yesterday saw a soft top Austin 7 and two classic Porsche’s on the way home and today a venerable Morgan and a Triumph Acclaim CD, when did you last see one of those?

So, is your TR under a cover in the garage ? Why? We still have some clear crisp days so bobble hat on and if you can find it, Shelly Lynch belting out ‘Dreams in Gasoline’ as you get the supplies in.Gasoline

The bright news for next year, hopefully, is that we will have the 50th Anniversary meet (one year late but better than never) at The Manger, Bradfield Combust IP30 0LW on Sunday 25th July. This will be an Area wide meet with TS2 making an appearance. More details of the day will be released nearer the time. Elsewhere in the magazine I hope we will have details of the TS2 diary as she visits each group for a couple of days, our days follow on at Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th of July. The plan is that on the first day she will be based near Bury St Edmunds and on the second near Ipswich/Woodbridge in order that as many as possible of our group members can see the car and if you wish to drive it. The drive will be approximately 10/15 miles with just a small contribution requested towards the cost of fuel. In order to apply to drive it you must be over 30 (not a problem for most of us) a TR Register member and complete a Drivers declaration form which I have - please contact me for this. As we can accommodate only a fixed number of people it will be on a first come - first served basis with a number of reserves.

So, something to look forward to at last, keep safe and hopefully as Vera Lynn said “we will meet again”.

Future Events
Xmas meal Friday 18th December - this of course will be subject to the rules at that time and I will send a Round Robin to you once we know what is allowed.
Sunday 25th July Area 50th Anniversary at The Manger
Monday 25th and Tuesday 27th July TS2 meetings.

Stewart Hurrell, 01787-282176,

Abbott and Stour Group

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